Final Examinations

Regarding Final Examinations in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Sample Final Exams

A collection of sample final exams for MATH and STAT courses can be found on Brightspace, in the course "Undergraduate Sample Final Exams - Mathematics and Statistics."  If you are a MUN student, and you do not see this listed in Brightspace, you may add it to your courses by clicking on this link:

Final Exam Schedule

The following page has the most recently-updated exam schedule for the given semester:

Office of the Registrar - Final Exam Schedules

First year math courses which are scheduled to take place in PE-2000 will use assigned seating.  Students are emailed their seat approximately 1-2 weeks before the exam is scheduled to take place.   The seating arrangement used in PE 2000 is as follows.

PE 2000 Seating Chart


Deferred Examination

If you are unable to write a MATH or STAT final examination due to illness, bereavement, or 3 exams in 24 hours, you may apply to write a deferred examination.    Regulations governing deferred exams are published in section 6.8 of the University Regulations. Distance students must complete the form provided through CITL in addition to the departmental form.  Students at the St. John's campus may use the form linked here.  


Supplementary Examination

Students in first or second year MATH or STAT courses (numbered between 1000 and 2999, excluding 109A) may write a supplementary examination if they have a passing term mark before the final exam, earn a final grade between 45% and 49% (inclusive), and are in clear standing.  Regulations governing supplementary exams are published in the Faculty of Science calendar regulations. Students at the St. John's campus may apply for a supplementary examination here

Applications for supplementary examination will be accepted during the one-week period starting on the day your grade is released on Self-Service.  Applications received outside this window will be deleted. 


Graduate Exam Schedule

Graduate course exam times are set by the instructor of the course.  Please check with your instructor.