First Year Courses


Admission to MATH Courses in Fall 2022:

Students will be admitted to math courses based on requirements set in the course criteria chart:    If you don't have grade 12 academic math (or equivalent) then you will not be admitted to a math course.  In that case, you should consider a program that doesn't require math, or upgrade your secondary school math (see below).



Entry-Level Mathematics Courses

Admission to Memorial does not grant automatic access to first year Mathematics and Statistics courses. All of our entry-level math & stat courses have prerequisite requirements which must be met.  If you plan to pursue a program that requires Calculus then you should do the 'advanced' (upper level) stream of mathematics in high school which includes a rigorous treatment of algebra, functions, and trigonometry.


Mathematics prerequisite test scores recognized by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Memorial:

  1. Math Placement Test - Administered at the start of the fall, winter, and spring semesters.

  2. College Board Subject Test in Mathematics Level 1 (SATM1) (No longer offered.)

  3. IB Mathematics SL or HL - Students must ensure that results are submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

  4. Cambridge or EdExcel A or AS Level Examinations - Students must ensure that results are submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

 Due to the cancelation of provincial public exams for grade 12 students in Newfoundland and Labrador, grade 12 mathematics 3201 and 3200 grades will no longer be treated as standardized test scores appropriate for determining course access.  Precise requirements for entry to first year math courses at MUN will be published in Spring 2023.

Course descriptions and prerequisite requirements:

MATH 1000 Calculus I

MATH 1000 is a standard differential calculus course, taught using James Stewart's book as a model, with early transcendentals.  A student must meet one of the conditions in the following table to take Math 1000:

Acceptable Math 1000 Prerequisites
 MPT ≥ 75% and grade 12 advanced math*, or
 SATMI ≥ 700 and grade 12 advanced math*, or
IB Mathematics SL ≥ 4, or
Cambridge or EdExcel AS Mathematics ≥ C, or
MATH 1090 credit.


*When you are admitted to MUN, the Office of the Registrar will assess your high school mathematics as either 'advanced' or 'academic'.  A strong pre-calculus course with emphasis on algebra and trigonometry should be assessed as 'advanced'.  This is typically the senior level high school math aimed at students who plan to study science or engineering at university.  If you haven't done such a course, then you cannot register for math 1000. 

Course description: MATH 1000

Mathematics 1090 Algebra and Trigonometry 

MATH 1090 is a pre-calculus course, similar to a grade 12 advanced/university stream mathematics course .  The purpose of MATH 1090 is to provide a pathway to MATH 1000 for students who did not master advanced mathematics in high school.

Acceptable Math 1090 Prerequisites
MPT ≥ 55% and (either grade 12 academic * or advanced* math), or
SATMI ≥ 600, or
Cambridge or EdExcel AS Mathematics ≥ D


Course description:  MATH 1090


MATH 1050 and 1051 Finite Mathematics

MATH 1050 and 1051 are courses which introduce students to a variety of topics in discrete mathematics.   They are not connected in any way to MATH 1090 or 1000, and do NOT act as prerequisites for entry to 1090 or 1000.  Students must have grade 12 academic or advanced math and an MPT score of at least 50% to register for 1050 or 1051.  These courses can be taken in either order, or concurrently.  Students with IB or Cambridge/EdExcel AS level results may email to ask about entry to these courses.

Course description:  MATH 1050, MATH 1051


Upgrading to Access First Year Math Courses

If you want to take a program which requires MATH 1000, and you do not meet the prerequisite requirements for MATH 1090 at Memorial University, this information may be of interest to you. Successful completion of some of these options will allow a student to re-write the MPT, or in some cases may grant direct access to MATH 1090 or MATH 1000 without an MPT score.

All of the organizations discussed below are external to Memorial University and are not affiliated with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Memorial. If you enroll in an external course to upgrade your high school mathematics, and you need a local contact for the purpose of the administration of a test, you may contact Tara Stuckless, (709) 864-8914, .

Some Options to Consider:

College of the North Atlantic (CNA)



MA1700 is similar to Math 1090, but has different entrance requirements, and increased support. MA1700 currently transfers to Memorial as MATH 1090. Enrollment may be limited. Contact CNA for information. The equivalence of this course to MATH 1090 is reviewed periodically. To ensure you will receive credit upon completion you must submit a request for permission to take courses at another institution.

Transfer Year

Students without the required background to qualify for first-year Mathematics courses at Memorial should consider completing their first year of studies at the College of the North Atlantic ( The College offers courses which are equivalent to MATH 1090 and MATH 1000, and these credits will count towards degree requirements if the student opts to transfer to Memorial University.

Discovery Centre

Math 3201 (Equivalent Course)

At the Discovery Centre you can upgrade for one or multiple subject/skill areas to improve your marks for college or university enrollment minimums. All academic Math, Science and English subjects are available. The preferred advanced math is not available from the Discovery Centre. Grade 12 academic math will meet minimum requirements for entry to Memorial, but only an excellent mark in grade 12 academic math will allow a student to enter the Calculus stream. If you choose this option you need to aim to fully master the course and achieve at least 75%.


MATH 0863 Pre-calculus

Math 0863 is a non-credit course offered by the University of New Brunswick. It is designed to prepare students for entry to calculus at the university level. This course does not transfer for credit to Memorial, but it will count as "advanced math" for the purpose of meeting the prerequisite requirement for first year math courses at MUN.  On completion, students may enter MATH 1090, or write the Math Placement Test to qualify for entry to MATH 1000.

Virtual High School (VHS) or TVO ILC

MHF4U – Advanced Functions

Memorial University recognizes MHF4U as an advanced math course for the purpose of granting access to the calculus stream of courses. On completion, students qualify for direct entry to MATH 1090, and may write the MPT for entry to MATH 1000. TVO ILC and the Virtual High School are accredited schools in Ontario, which offer courses from the Ontario provincial curriculum. For more information visit or