Undergraduate Studies

Why Study Mathematics / Statistics?

If you are finishing high school from Newfoundland and Labrador or elsewhere and thinking for a mathematics and statistics oriented undergraduate program, you have reached the right place. In the current world, majority of decisions are made based on data driven methods, which needs excellent knowledge of mathematical skills. The mathematical skills are very much essential to improve your knowledge in any discipline such as engineering, medical, business, science, etc.

Why Study at Memorial?

Our department has more than 40 expert faculty members in mathematics / statistics engaged in applied and theoretical research, offering you a variety of programs leading to an undergraduate degree that enables you to get a respectful job in the current market. You can also choose a combination of mathematics / statistics majors with few other disciplines such as computer science, biology, physics, economics, business, etc. A complete list of our undergraduate program, can obtained from here.

During your undergraduate program you will get opportunities to do research / project work with some of our leading faculty members. This will enable you to understand and gain hands on experience on the practical application of mathematics and statistics in different disciplines.