Student Employment Programs

NSERC Undergraduate Research Award

If you have an A average, are within two years of graduation and intend to pursue graduate studies in science, we urge you to apply for an NSERC Undergraduate Research Award. The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) is a government agency that funds scientific research in the country. As an NSERC Undergraduate Award winner, you work on a research project (usually during the summer) under the direction of a researcher in a science department. Applications are generally available from the department in late fall and due in January.

It is run by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. The value of the award is $4,500 (from NSERC) plus a university contribution equal to at least 25% of the NSERC grant. The duration of the award is typically 16 weeks. The USRA competition normally starts around the end of November, with a deadline of mid-January. Students interested in applying for a USRA should look for a potential supervisor and complete an application form. For more information, including application forms, please visit the NSERC USRA website.

Marking Jobs

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics tries to relieve the financial pressures on its students in a number of ways. Every semester we employ many of our majors as markers, exam invigilators, and assistants in our first-year help centre. Students seeking this sort of employment must submit an application no later than the second day of classes in a given semester. The application is available Student Assistant Application Form or from the General Office, HH-3003. Marking assignments are finalized during the first week of term.

Other Employment Opportunities

In addition, work in the Department may also be secured through programs such as the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) initiative, the Memorial Undergraduate Career Experience Program (MUCEP), and others. For details, please visit the website of the Centre for Career Development.

Some faculty members may also be in a position to hire students using their own research funds. Students should be alert for such opportunities, especially during the Winter semester.