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Tuition rates currently in effect are shown below. The university reserves the right to make changes to fees and charges. For full information on the regulations that pertain to tuition and other expenses, consult the Tuition and Related Fees section of the Memorial University Calendar.

Category of StudentTuition per Semester# of Semesters Fee Must Be Paid
  NL StudentsOther Canadian StudentsInternational Students   
Master's Degree (Plan A) $953 $1,239 $1,611 6
Master's Degree (Plan B) $635 $826 $1,074 9
Master's Degree (Plan C) $1,313 $1,707 $2,218 3
Doctor of Philosophy $888 $1,154 $1,499 12

All graduate students must be continuously registered in each of semester throughout the whole period of their program, whether taking courses or not. A student whose program of study extends beyond the period covered by the selected payment plan above will required to pay the appropriate continuance fee for each additional semester of registration. For Master's candidates, the continuance fee each semester is 8.15% of the total cost of the Master's degree (Plan A). For Doctoral candidates, the continuance fee each semester is 8.15% of the total cost of the program.

The fees listed above include all required courses for the programs of study.

The following additional expenses can also be expected: Graduate Students' Union fee, recreation fee, health and dental insurance, the cost of books and stationery supplies, accommodations, meals and personal needs. See related pages of the School of Graduate Studies, International Student Advising Office and Graduate Students' Union for more information. Also, most students incur some additional costs as they settle in St. John's for the first time (student from more temperate climates may have to purchase winter clothing, for example). This amount will vary depending on country of origin, and probably ranges from $600 to $1,200.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fees

If you have other questions about fees in our department, please contact our Graduate Officer by email at


Is there any tuition surcharge for international students?

While international students do pay slightly higher tuition than students from Canada, there is no surcharge beyond the tuition rates described above. So, for example, an international student in a PhD program will pay $2,661 in tuition fees for the academic year.


What are the differences between Master's payment Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C?

The number of terms that you will be registered in the programme without paying continuance fees.

Plan A is designed for programmes whose duration is two years (6 semesters). Plan B would be more suitable to part-time students who may take three or more years to complete their programme. Only students registered for the intensive (3 semesters) Master's programme in mathematics (labeled as 'option 2' in the calendar) are eligible for Plan C.

The payment plan is chosen at the time of the first registration. If at the end of the duration of the plan, you have not finished the programme, you will be required to pay a continuance fee for each additional semester. If you complete your programme in a period of time that is shorter than that covered by the chosen payment plan, then before graduating you will be required to pay the remaining full amount under your payment plan.