Regular Faculty

The following individuals comprise the Department's complement of faculty who are either tenured or under a long-term contract. Where they hold additional duties within the Department or the University, these are also noted.

   Name  Area  Contact
Alam, Jahrul

 PhD McMaster

 Computational Fluid Dynamics


 (709) 864-8071

Bahturin, Yuri

 PhD Moscow



 (709) 864-8789

Baird, Tom

PhD Toronto

 Geometry and Topology


 (709) 864-8080


Bihlo, Alexander

PhD Universität Wien

Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

(709) 864-8078

Booth, Ivan

PhD Waterloo

Cross with Physics & Physical Oceanography.

 General Relativity


 (709) 864-4401

Cadigan, Noel

PhD Waterloo


 CFER, Marine Institute

 (709) 778-0603

Cigsar, Candemir

PhD Waterloo



 (709) 864-8718

Photo of Graham Cox

Cox, Graham
Chair Undergraduate Studies

Ph.D. Duke



 (709) 864-7904

Dyer, Danny

PhD Simon Fraser



 (709) 864-4454

Fan, Zhaozhi

 PhD Göttingen



 (709) 864-8076

  Hatefi, Armin

PhD University of Manitoba




Haynes, Ronald

 PhD Simon Fraser

 Numerical Analysis


 (709) 864-8825


Howell, Jared

Cross with Grenfell Campus


Hurford, Amy
 Joint with Biology

 PhD Queen's

 Mathematical Biology


 (709) 864-8301

Kondratieva, Margo

 PhD Tomsk State

Joint with Faculty Education.

 Quantum Mechanics


 (709) 864-8074

Kotchetov, Mikhail

 PhD Memorial/Lomonosov



 (709) 864-7947

Kunduri, Hari

 PhD Cambridge

 Mathematical Physics


 (709) 864-4358

Loredo-Osti, J Concepción

Head of the Department 

 PhD Dalhousie



 (709) 864-8783

MacLachlan, Scott

PhD University of Colorado at Boulder

 Scientific Computation


 (709) 864-8095 

Mantyka, Sherry

 PhD Waterloo

 Cognitive Science


 (709) 864-3308

Martinez-Pedroza, Eduardo

 PhD Oklahoma

 Geometric Group Theory and
 Low Dimensional Topology 


 (709) 864-4066

Merkli, Marco

 PhD Toronto

 Mathematical Physics


 (709) 864-8727


Milley, Rebecca

Cross with Grenfell Campus

Ou, Chun-Hua

 PhD City University of Hong Kong

 Differential Equations


 (709) 864-8779

  Oyet, Alwell

 PhD Alberta



 (709) 864-8075

Pike, David

 PhD Auburn

Cross with Computer Science.

Design Theory and Graph Theory


 (709) 864-8096

Shalaby, Nabil

 PhD McMaster

Cross with Computer Science.



 (709) 864-8796

Sommerhäuser, Yorck

 PhD Munich



(709) 864-8097

Summers, Danny

 PhD London

 Theoretical Space Physics


 (709) 864-8087

Suvak, Jack

 PhD Arizona



 (709) 864-8077

Usefi, Hamid

 PhD Western Ontario

Cross with Computer Science.

 Algebra, Machine Learning and   Cryptography


 (709) 864-8798

Variyath, Asokan
Graduate Officer

PhD Waterloo



 (709) 864-6104

Wang, Hong

 PhD Regina

 Probability Theory


 (709) 864-8734

Xiao, Jie

 PhD Peking



 (709) 864-8072

Ye, Deping

 PhD Case Western
 Reserve University



 (709) 864-8793

Yilmaz, Yildiz

Deputy Head, Statistics

 PhD Waterloo



 (709) 864-8069

Yuan, Yuan

 PhD Western Ontario

 Dynamical Systems


 (709) 864-8795

Zhao, Xiaoqiang

 PhD Academia Sinica

 Differential Equations


 (709) 864-8098

Zhou, Yiqiang

 PhD British Columbia



 (709) 864-8797