Preliminary Course Outlines for Winter 2021

Preliminary course outlines for Winter 2021 Human Kinetics and Recreation courses are now available. Please click on the course outline below for more information:

HKR 1000: Fitness and Wellness

HKR 2002: Coaching

HKR 2100: Introduction to Organization and Administration

HKR 2300: Growth and Development

HKR 2500: Diversity and Inclusion

HKR 3100: Advanced Organization and Administration

HKR 3340: Adapted Physical Activity

HKR 3920: Physical Activity for Health Promotion

HKR 4410: Issues in Kinesiology

HKR 4420: Issues in Physical Education

HKR 4485: Leisure Education in Therapeutic Recreation Settings

HKR 6000: Quantitative Methods in Physical Education

HKR 6001: Qualitative Research Methods in Physical Education