BHKRC degree map

Optional community recreation pathway

The following shows how you can plan your registrations to meet the 120 credit hours required for the degree. You can track your progress using the degree audit template.

Year 1
Biology 2040
English 1090
Geography 1050 (QR #1)
HKR 2000
Psychology 1000
Biology 2041
CRW 1***
HKR 2500
Psychology 1001
Sociology 1000
Year 2
HKR 1123 (non-credit)
HKR 2300
HKR 2310
HKR elective (2515)
Non-HKR elective
Psychology 2***
Sociology 2***
HKR 2320
HKR 3340
HKR elective (2100)
HKR elective (2505)
Non-HKR elective
Statistics 2500 (QR #2)
HKR 299W
Year 3
HKR 3410
HKR 4600
HKR elective (3535)
HKR elective (3575)
Non-HKR elective
Non-HKR elective
HKR 399W HKR 3330
HKR 3555
HKR 3910
HKR 3920
HKR elective (2545)
HKR 4605 or HKR elective
Year 4
HKR 499W HKR 3400
HKR 4575
HKR elective(3100)
HKR elective (4485)
HKR 4610 or HKR
Non-HKR elective

Please note:

  • This degree map is subject to change.
  • For personalized advice please consult the School's Academic Program Officer.
  • This degree map applies to students commencing the degree in September 2018 and later. Students who began the degree prior to September 2018 should consult with the School's Academic Program Officer.
  • The information in each degree map has been extracted from the Official University Calendar. While every reasonable effort has been made to duplicate the information contained in the Official University Calendar, if there are differences, the published Memorial University of Newfoundland Calendar will be considered the final and accurate authority.