Bachelor of Human Kinetics and Recreation Co-operative

We call it the "Bachelor of Human Awesomeness." You can too! We'll understand. 

The new Bachelor of Human Kinetics and Recreation Co-operative (BHKRC) is the School's flagship degree. Through this program, you can plan your educational path to get you where you want to go. 

The human kinetics and recreation degree is an interdisciplinary program, offering students a progressive education in the field with experiential learning.

As a human kinetics and recreation student, you can customize your degree. You'll take fundamental courses in exercise science, health promotion and physical activity, in addition to pursuing an optional focused pathway.


By tailoring your course selections to your interests, you can concentrate on one of four areas:

Each pathway is designed to meet requirements for continued pursuit of specific career paths.

Co-operative education

To complement your academic study, you will complete co-operative education work terms, providing you with valuable career experience when you graduate!


Admission to the BHKRC is competitive and limited. You may apply for undergraduate admission to the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation directly from high school or transfer following completion of some post-secondary. You are also required to meet the standard admission requirements for general university admittance. The program begins in September each year. For more information, check out our information on how to apply.