V.I.P. students

Amanda Gosse (bronze), Peter Coleman (bronze and silver), Julie Orr (bronze, silver and gold), and Alyssa Feener (gold) all represented HKR at the ceremony.

Julie is a third year kinesiology student who has always been involved in volunteering. She received all three award levels in this round. "Because I was already volunteering at that time I had enough hours to finish the bronze during that semester. Then due to the fact that I was on my work-term and I was only taking 2 classes I was able to devote a lot of my time to volunteering and finish the silver and gold that term."

"These awards mean a great deal to me, I love the sense of pride and accomplishment that accompanies volunteering," says Julie. "I honestly volunteer because I love it. I love getting out into the community and meeting other individuals who have similar interests to mine."

Since 2005, the V.I.P. program has presented more than 850 awards, representing more than 25,000 volunteer hours donated by Memorial students. This year, more than 100 students achieved award status.

The program, an initiative of the Student Volunteer Bureau ‒ a partnership between Career Development and Experiential Learning and Memorial University of Newfoundland Students' Union ‒ began in 2003 and encourages students to track their volunteer efforts both on and off campus. The program is designed to encourage, recognize and reward student volunteerism

In addition to volunteer hours, participants must take part in activities that will enhance the development of their career path, self-awareness and leadership abilities.

Keith Hutchings, minister responsible for the voluntary and nonprofit secretariat, presented the certificates.