Volunteer extraordinaire: HKR student gets some high praise

The kinesiology masters student got a mention in the House recently from Judy Foote, Member of Parliament for Random-Burin-St. George's, for the work she's done in Africa.

Ms. Chubb's first trip to Africa happened in 2009 when she spent two months with eight other Memorial students teaching English, business, computers and health to adults living with HIV and AIDS in Tanzania. For her, it was a life changing experience.

After finishing her bachelor of physical education degree with a minor in political science at Memorial, the St. George's native took her second trip to Kenya in September 2011. This time to do a study Women's health knowledge: HIV and AIDS in a global health climate as part of her masters research. She looked at where women who are HIV positive, aged 20-25, living in Mombasa, Kenya, receive ideas and information about HIV and AIDS and how it influenced their lived experiences with the disease.

As well as the verbal recognition, Ms. Chubb received a plaque from Ms. Foote after the MP took her to dinner at the Parliament restaurant. She says it's an honour she'll never forget. "I was really surprised but very proud. Not necessarily of myself but the fact that my volunteer adventures have reached so many." See the YouTube video here:

"I am hoping my story has inspired other youth to become globally active and conscious citizens. I am especially grateful to Judy [Foote] for mentioning Kwacha Africa, as they were such fundamental part of making my experience such a positive one. As busy as she is, Judy made such an effort to meet me, she spent more than an hour talking about education and volunteering on the local and international level, and listening to my ideas."

Right now Ms. Chubb is in Lima, Peru travelling to rural areas; trying a lot of new food, living a true backpacker lifestyle and interacting with locals. She's looking forward to getting down to business, however. "Our team leader took us outside the city to the rural shanty towns where we saw the positive results of well organized volunteer work he and a group had completed three years before," she explained. "Our team will be rebuilding a playground and working on a farm as well as teaching workshops on various ideas to youth. I am excited for the next step and my part in, hopefully creating long lasting impacts."