MHKR Coursework Route FAQ

What are the MHKR degree requirements?

  • Students must register for HKR 9001 each and every semester that the student is a graduate student.
    • Registration will roll over each term and will continue until the program is completed.
    • Students on an approved leave of absence are reminded to register for HKR 9001 upon return to studies.
    • Students who withdraw from the program must notify the School at to avoid accumulating fees.
  • All students must complete HKR 6500 and any nine electives.
  • Up to two courses can come from outside of HKR. It is the student’s responsibility to identify non-HKR courses.
    • To register for a non-HKR course, students must email for approval and processing.
  • Transfer courses are considered on a case-by-case basis. Not all graduate courses completed at a different institution will be applicable to the MHKR.
  • A “B” grade (minimum 65%) is required in all graduate courses.

 How do I choose courses? How will I know what courses will be offered?

  • Students can choose any course that is of interest.
  • HKR courses will rotate through a six-semester cycle meaning there will be approximately 12-15 courses offered over a 24-month time frame.
  • Students are not required to take a set number of courses each term.
  • There are a number of non-HKR courses offered in other units that may be of interest.
  • Students are responsible for reviewing course offerings in advance of the registration window.
  • The following is a tentative plan for graduate course offerings. There may be some changes depending on instructor availability or the addition of new courses.





Odd (2023)

6122: Comp School and Community Health

6201: Foundations of Sport Psych & Mental Training Techniques

6500: Introduction to Research in Physical Education

6123: Coaching & Long-term Athlete Development


6121: Leadership

6410: Sport and Society


Even (2024)

6127: Activity Over the Lifespan

6500: Research Methods

6600: Contemporary Issues & Trends

6003: Health Promotion in Canada

6110: PE, Rec and Sport Management

6124: Adapted Physical Activity

6126: Positive Youth Devt

6111: Canadian Delivery Systems in PE, Rec and Sport

 What is the typical workload for a graduate level course?

All HKR graduate courses are three credit hour courses. In general, the readings and assignments are more advanced and challenging than undergraduate courses. Additionally, the academic expectations are significantly higher. There is far less direct instruction at the graduate level so students should expect to spend approximately 10-15 hours/week on readings and assignments for an online graduate course. Typically, students take 1-2 courses per semester due to other work/life obligations.

 I am having trouble registering, what might be happening?

Registration is completed online using self-service. Students should log into their myMUN account at the scheduled time to select courses. Students who owe fees will not be eligible to register so it is important that no fees are owing before the registration window. Students will not be permitted to register before their scheduled time. Non-HKR courses will have reserves in place to allow students in the unit to register before seats become available for other students.

Can I take an on-campus course?

On-campus courses are reserved for thesis route students. Any student interested in an on-campus course requires instructor permission to register for the course. Students registered in on-campus courses are required to attend in person. Virtual options are not available.

There are no courses I am interested in being offered, or there are no seats available, what are my options?

At times, students may encounter a semester where they are not interested in any of the HKR courses being offered or there may be no seats available in a specific course. In these instances, students can:

  • consider non-HKR courses
  • request an leave of absence for the semester when no courses are available (if on the 9-semester payment plan, students are required to pay for 9 semesters even if they are not taking courses in any of these semesters)
  • not register for any courses and pay fees as part of the payment plan and plan to take multiple courses in a different semester

 I chose the 9-semester payment plan but I will be finished my degree in 7 semesters, now what?

Students who select the 9-semester payment plan are required to pay fees for 9 semesters even if it takes fewer than 9 semesters to complete the program. Students can pay off any remaining fees at the time that degree requirements have been met.

 I chose the 6-semester payment plan and it is going to take me 7 semesters to finish my degree, now what?

Students who select the 6-semester payment plan are required to pay fees for 6 semesters. For any additional semesters, students are required to pay a continuance fee.

 I am interested in switching to a thesis route program, what do I need to do to make that happen?

 The MSc(HKR) degree (thesis route) is competitive and all students require a thesis supervisor. Students in MHKR can apply to the MSc(HKR) by the February 1 deadline. Only students with an approved thesis supervisor will be considered for admission.

  • Having a thesis supervisor does not guarantee admission to the MSc(HKR)
  • Courses completed in the MHKR may be applicable to the MSc(HKR) but additional or different courses may be required to meet the MSc(HKR) degree as determined by the thesis supervisor

 I am an international student, can I get a student visa for the MHKR program?

Because the MHKR is a coursework program that is intended to be completed entirely by distance, international students cannot receive a student visa for this program.

What potential forms do I need to fill out during my MHKR Degree?

  • If I need to add or drop a course, I need to fill out a COURSE CHANGE FORM.
  • If I need to take a leave of absence, I need to fill out a LEAVE OF ABSENCE FORM.
  • If I need a recreation fee exemption, I need to fill of a RECREATION FEE EXCEMPTION FORM.
  • If I want to change the program route (i.e. going from course route to thesis route), I need to fill out a CHANGE ROUTE FORM.

What happens when I complete all of my courses?

The School of Graduate Studies do course audits each semester. Once all courses are completed in a given semester, they will identify students who have now completed all 10 courses. They will contact the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies in the School of Human Kinetics to let them know which students have now completed all courses for the MHKR Course Route program. The Associate Dean will then fill out an AWARD OF DEGREE FORM for the student and send it to the School of Graduate Studies.