HKR alumna does double duty for her third degree

Deanne says her background as a fitness instructor and personal trainer helped her juggle life as a nursing student in the School of Nursing’s (SON) demanding fast-track bachelor of nursing program, while finishing up a master, and parenting two young children.

“Fitness helped save me,” said Deanne, who has degrees in kinesiology and physical education (2003) from Memorial. “It was good for my head, for my heart and my soul.”

Other life-saving credits go to her family, for providing the child care support she needed to complete her programs and become a registered nurse. “They were so fabulous,” she said. “They took my children everywhere. Without them I could never have accomplished this.”

But why put herself through such a grueling pace? “I had found a niche with training and personal fitness instructing but I felt that I wasn’t completely doing my job…caring for people the way I wanted,” she said. “I really love to learn, and I wanted to be the best I could be at what I was doing.”

It was while working as a teaching assistant in the SON’s anatomy lab that it came to her: a career in nursing would allow her to use all of her background experience in a holistic way.

So she applied for the BN program (fast-track) program, convinced that she could handle the demands of her nursing program while completing her masters in kinesiology.

Deanne is putting her education to work at St. Clare’s Hospital, on a medical-surgical floor where she did one of her clinical rotations.

Deanne’s children were the motivating force in her life, giving her the drive she needed to work hard. She wanted to better herself for them. She hopes that her story will encourage others in similar circumstances. “Just keep plugging away,” she urges.