Megan Ryan

Name: Megan Ryan
Degree program: Kinesiology (Co-op)
Co-op job title: Physiotherapy Assistant
Employer: ProActive Physiotherapy
Graduating class of: 2018

What did you enjoy most about your co-operative education experience?

One of my favourite parts of my work term was going through the strengthening exercises with the physiotherapy clients. This was my absolute favourite part because I got to oversee a small part of their treatment, which was so rewarding. I was able to watch clients positively progress and overcome their injuries each time they visited the clinic.

What “ah-ha” moments did you have during your co-op term?

During the entirety of my program I have always wanted to be a physiotherapist. In working as a physiotherapy assistant at ProActive, I was also exposed to some of their other services such as massage therapy, clinic based occupational rehabilitation program and acupuncture. In working in such a diverse environment, I realized that there are many different approaches to treating an individual for their specific injury and that everyone responds to things differently and one thing that really worked for a lot of people was exercise. I discovered that I would like to do more occupational rehabilitation work and have decided to now study to be an occupational therapist instead.

How has co-operative education helped you plan for your future?

In being enrolled in the co-op program I was able to determine what specific aspects of the job that I was interested in, in terms of physiotherapy or occupational therapy. In completing three different work terms in three different areas under ProActive Physiotherapy, I have discovered and narrowed down what I want to do after I complete my undergraduate degree. Throughout my undergraduate degree, I have been going back in forth in between physiotherapy and occupational therapy and completing all the work terms has helped me choose in between the two professions.

What advice would you have for a student considering co-operative education?

I would highly recommend students to enroll in the co-op program. If you are undecided as to what you want to do after you graduate it is a great help because it allows you to learn more about different jobs that kinesiology students can have first hand. It also gives you a chance to learn more in a more practical environment so you get to apply some of what you have learned in school to your job, which really helps if you are like me and are a more hands on learner. It also gives you a glimpse into the different aspects of a physiotherapist’s job and other health professional jobs, so it can help determine which programs you want to pursue if you want to continue on to complete your masters.