HKR student gets executive position on MUNSU

Lisa has been involved with MUNSU's Board of Directors as the Human Kinetics and Recreation representative for the past year and a half. When the position of director of External Affairs, Communications and Research opened up, and after being encouraged by friends, she decided to run.

She says she thought the position would give her an opportunity to reach out to students. "I feel it is important that students are involved in the decision making process that happens on campus and I thought that by being in this position it would be a good way to contribute."

Lisa is a big advocate of encouraging students to get involved in things on and around campus. "The HKR society is a great way to get involved in things that are happening in our school, as well as an opportunity to meet other HKR students. That is how I got my start ... I met a lot of great people and created working relationships with professors in our school."

"Something that I learned in my four years here at Memorial is that there is just as much to learn outside of the classroom as inside ... Being involved in different groups on campus allows you an opportunity to be a part of conversations that affect students on campus. The groups that I have been involved with on campus including the HKR Society, Engineers without Borders and the MUNSU Board of Directors, have allowed me that opportunity and it is one of the things through my four years at Memorial that I am most proud of."

As the director of External Affairs, Communication and Research, the Labrador City native will increase membership development, communicate with the media, government officials, and the Canadian Federation of Students. "I am also responsible for researching issues that affect students on campus, like those of unpaid work terms many of our students have to deal with and the Residential Tenancies Act," Lisa added.

Normally the person elected in the general election has a term of 1 year (May 1 – April 30) but because Lisa was elected during a by-election she will hold the position from December to the end of April.

MUNSU represents over 13,500 undergraduate students.