Dial from a Campus Phone

St. John's Campus - 4100*
Health Sciences Centre - 4100*
Ocean Sciences Centre - 9-911**
Marine Institute - 9-911**
Grenfell Campus - 2888
Harlow - 9-999**

*If calling from a cell phone, call 864-4100.
**When using 911, a follow-up call should be made to Campus Enforcement & Patrol or Security Services using the appropriate number listed below.


City Emergency Service:
Dialed from a campus phone
St. John's and Logy Bay - 9-911
Corner Brook - 9-911


Campus Enforcement & Patrol:
St. John's Campus - 864-8561
Health Sciences Centre -777-7280
Grenfell Campus - 637-6200 (6210)

Security Services:
Marine Institute - 778-0456
Ocean Sciences Centre - 864-3275 or 864-323
Harlow Campus after hours - 07847 795896
Work Control - Facilities Management:
St. John's Campus - 864-7600

Service Desk - Computing and Communications:
St. John's Campus - 864-4595

Calling From a Pay Phone

Follow instructions posted on each pay phone. Emergency calls from pay phones are free.


Memorial University has installed a number of emergency phones on campus to enhance the personal safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The phones are connected by a fibre optic system, and each phone has a push button which gives the user instant contact with Campus Enforcement & Patrol's (CEP) Communications Control Centre (CCC). The user can talk with a CEP Officer and inform him/her of what is wrong. Simultaneously, the Officer can see the user as all phones have a surveillance camera located nearby which allows the Officer to determine the nature of the emergency. When the button is pushed, the location of the phone comes up in the CCC, thus allowing CEP to know immediately where the phone is located. The Officer can talk to the user while dispatching other Officers to that location. Each phone has a blue light, which will activate when the button is pushed. This will alert the university community that an emergency situation is in progress.
All incidents and/or accidents on the University campus involving actual or potential danger to life or property should be communicated immediately to the Campus Enforcement and Patrol Office.




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