COVID-19 Parking Update

Parking permit renewals on St. John’s and Signal Hill campuses are suspended for the remainder of the fall and the winter semesters (to April 30, 2021). Grenfell Campus and Marine Institute will issue permits, but will not charge for these. Memorial will issue a refund to employees and students who have previously purchased permits.

Parking permits will still be required (at no cost) for the following parking areas on the St. John’s campus: lots 60, 30, 27, 1, 25, 28, 20 and 4. All other permit parking areas will not require a permit and members of the university community can park at no cost. Officers will ticket for permit use in areas 60, 30, 27, 1, 25, 28, 20 and 4 and will enforce parking regulations for metered and pay-per-use lots, blue zones, fire lanes, and areas where parking is prohibited.

This decision was made in consideration of the many scenarios how employees and students are accessing campus.

Please note, guests should still use the Passport parking app for events. Refunds are only for permits, not for event parking.

Parking Renewals

Permits for areas 60, 30, 27, 1, 25, 28, 20 and 4 will be issued at no cost to eligible university employees and students. As space is limited, only individuals who held a permit in one of the listed areas last year will be eligible to receive a permit this year. Permits must be requested by email and will be sent by internal mail.

To request your permit for area 60, 30, 27, 1, 25, 28, 20 or 4, please send the following information to
• Name
• Employee/student ID number
• Department/faculty
• Lot requested
• Vehicle information (only if it has changed): make, model, and license plate number
• Room number and building name for delivery of permit through internal mail

If you did not receive a permit for one of these areas last year, but think you should be eligible for one this year, please have your supervisor contact

If you have already purchased a permit for one of these areas, you will be refunded and your permit will remain valid.

Parking Permit Refunds

All Memorial employees and students who have purchased a parking permit for the fall 2020 and winter 2021 semesters will be refunded in December. You do not need to apply for this refund; it will happen automatically through payroll (for those signed up for payroll deductions) or by direct deposit (for those who paid at the Parking Office). If you do not receive your refund by December 18, please contact

Winter Parking Lot Closures

Effective December 15, 2020, some parking areas on the St. John’s campus will be closed to allow for more efficient snow clearing and ice control. This decision has been made based on the numbers of people accessing campus and the expected demand for parking throughout the winter season. This also has a sustainability benefit with less salt being utilized.

The areas selected for closure have the least expected usage and do not serve as primary parking for buildings. Parking demand will continually be assessed over the coming months and open and/or closed areas will be adjusted according to ongoing need.

The areas that will be closed are:
• Lot 3 (partial)
• Lot 1A (partial)
• Lot 15B (partial)
• Lot 15 (partial)
• Lot 14 (partial)
• Lot 22 (partial)
• Lot 56B (full)
• Lot 16A (partial)
• Lot 19 (partial)

A map showing the closed areas can be found here and signage and barricades will be placed in closed areas.

Parking Rate Increase

The Board of Regents approved a permit rate increase for faculty (excluding MUNFA), staff and graduate students by the consumer price index (CPI) rate of 1.1 per cent, effective May 1, 2020. In addition, CUPE rates have been increased to align with general staff rates. As per the MUNFA collective agreement, last year’s rates have been maintained for this group. There is no increase in the cost of undergraduate parking.

Parking at the Signal Hill Campus

Vice-presidents council has decided to suspend parking permit renewals on St. John’s and Signal Hill campuses for the remainder of the fall and the winter semesters. Parking regulations for metered and pay-per-use lots will still be enforced and guests should still use the Passport parking app for events.

Employee and Student (residence) permits for the Signal Hill Campus must be approved by the Signal Hill Campus Business Office prior to sale. Requests for a permit can be made through the individuals department/unit to this office.

All visitors to the Signal Hill location that require parking can use Pay Per Use parking, available via the Passport parking application. The St. John's Campus Parking Office does not issue temporary permits for this location.

Departmental permits will honored in the passport application spaces. However, staff and student permits are only permitted in designated permit areas.

As per the University Parking Regulations, parking provisions at the Signal Hill Campus are in effect 24/7.

Parking Permits Available to All Memorial Students at Greenbelt Tennis Club

The Greenbelt Tennis Club has twenty (20) parking spaces at their facility for Memorial students.  Students must purchase a permit directly through Greenbelt Tennis Club, located at 114 Newtown Road, St. John’s. Permits are available on a per semester basis at a cost of $150 plus tax. Students will be required to present their Student ID, as well as provide their License Plate Number, car make, and model at the point of purchase. 

For more information on obtaining a permit, please contact the Greenbelt Tennis Club at (709) 722-3840 or

Reminder to All Permit Holders: Permits are Not Valid in Pay-Per-Use Parking Spaces

Student, Employee, Visitor and Departmental permit holders are reminded that permits are not valid in Pay-Per-Use (metered, Pay & Display, and Passport Canada) parking spaces. Drivers parked in a Pay-Per-Use parking space who have not paid through the applicable channel will be ticketed. 

As parking is limited on St. John’s Campus, the Parking Office encourages all vehicle owners to consider alternative methods to transportation to Campus such as public transit or carpooling. 


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