Cycling to campus

Parking your bike on campus

bike locker on St. John's campus

Secure bike parking: bike lockers for rent

Email for availability for the Spring/Summer Semester

Bike lockers are located at three locations. On the St. John's campus, there are two sites: between the Biotechnology and Chemistry buildings on the south side of campus, and between the University Centre and the Core Science Facility on the north side of campus. There are also lockers at the Signal Hill campus. The lockers are available to students, staff and faculty to rent by semester. The fee is $25 per semester for students and $35 per semester for staff and faculty. Locks are provided.

How to Apply for a Locker

For Fall and Spring semesters, the deadline to apply is near the beginning of the semester. The deadline and application link will be posted on this page. Lockers are allocated through a lottery, if needed, and successful applicants will be notified the week after the deadline. After the deadline, contact to check availability.

For Winter semester, there is usually no deadline or lottery.  Email to apply. 

Renters are required to submit an agreement and pay the rental fee before being allocated their locker. 

Funding for the lockers was provided by The Co-operators Foundation -IMPACT! Fund.

Individual parking a bike in a bike locker on St. John's campus

Bike racks

With the price of vehicles, insurance and gas steadily increasing and the decrease in available parking spots on campus, biking to work or school is becoming a growing trend. By riding a bike you can: decrease gas consumption, improve your health, protect the environment...AND SAVE MONEY!

At Memorial, students, faculty and staff have access to free parking in one of the many bike racks located throughout campus.  There are over 60 racks, 17 of which are sheltered. For a complete listing of all bike rack locations on the St. John's campus, see the campus map under parking for bike rack locations.