Fall Welcome Session for New Students

On Sept. 6, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is hosting a welcome event to help new students get started on the right track. At this interactive event, you'll hear from the Dean and Associate Dean of Curriculum and Programs, learn more about areas of study in HSS, and meet other HSS students! Register now:

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Grad student Pier-Ann Milliard a finalist for national SSHRC Competition

Archaeology grad student Pier-Ann Milliard has been named a national finalist for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s annual Storytellers Challenge. Her submission is about how climate change is affecting the frozen peat bogs of the North that archaeologists (and archaeoentomologists) like her rely on to study our past. Read more in the Gazette.

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Launching Memorial's Online Record of Experience (MORE)

University isn’t only about course work and studying. While academics will always be one of the key components of university life, it is equally important to use your time here to build your practical experience and explore as many things as possible. Through exploration, you will be able to discover:

  • What you are truly interested in;
  • What you are not interested in:
  • What you are curious about;
  • What makes you happy;
  • And what you excel at doing.

To help you answer these questions, Student Life has created a tool to help you to engage, explore, and gain experiences.

Memorial’s Online Record of Experience (MORE) is a new experiential tracking tool that provides students with the ability to record and capture their various experiences. MORE compiles those experiences and showcases overall time committed, and competencies gained from participation. More than simply a record of student involvement or student activities, MORE uses reflection to transform activities into deeper learning experiences.

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