Research FAQ

This section will continuously be updated as questions are brought to the attention of the Associate Dean (Research) and the Grants Facilitator. If you have a research question/concern please contact the Grants Facilitator at

Can I use funds from a research grant to cover a car rental for data collection, conference travel, or other professional development?

As long as this is deemed eligible by the sponsor, the most economical means of transportation, or when it is justifiable under special circumstances.

When applying to awards from the Association of Registered Nurses Newfoundland and Labrador(ARNNL) Education and Research Trust Scholarship and Bursary Program, does the application have to be submitted through the portal?

All internal and external grants, awards and contracts must be submitted through the portal for authorization, unless otherwise advised by your grants facilitator.

Can contractual faculty members apply for funding?

Term contracts (research and teaching components) are eligible as long as the applicant maintains their affiliation with Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) for the duration of the funding. For example if the funding was for a 2 year period, the applicant would have to be affiliated with MUN for a minimum of 2 years from the competition deadline date.

I am a PhD candidate; can I be listed as a Principal Applicant (PA) on a funding application?

It is very important to look at eligibility criteria on the application guidelines. Typically a PhD student can be listed as a PA on an application; however their supervisor should be listed as the nominated PA so that grant funds can be set up in the Faculty of Nursing.

In addition to my study team, who should I list as team members on the researcher portal?

The RGCS Workflow Coordinator and the Grants Facilitator should be listed as team members.

Where should I obtain quotes for laptops/computer/computer equipment?

There are two choices when buying a laptop/computer/computer equipment. You should obtain quotes from the University’s IT Procurement Office (ITPO) or an external source. If the ITPO ( can provide the equipment, they should be contacted as the potential supplier. Equipment can be purchased directly from ITPO without obtaining another quote. However, when the equipment needed is >$1,000, you must obtain 3 quotes, one of which must be obtained from the ITPO. If the required equipment is not available from the ITPO this must be confirmed and documented by ITPO. Please see Memorial University of Newfoundland Purchasing Policy

Are iPhones an allowable expense?

Cellular phones, smartphone or other electronic devices are allowable if they are deemed necessary for research purposes (e.g. data collection), and/or for personnel safety reasons.

Where would I find job descriptions/pay rates for salaried staff (Research Assistants)?

A list of Job titles and descriptions can be found on the Human Resources Webpage

Salary scales can be found in Memorial’s various collective agreements

Where are the Faculty of Nursing application approval deadlines located?

The Institutional Signature Procedure for the Faculty of Nursing is located on the Institutional Signature Procedure under the Tab Information for Researchers