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Trina and Joanne

Nursing Research Unit (NRU)

Memorial University Faculty of Nursing established the Nursing Research Unit (NRU) in 1999 to support nursing research activities.

Priority is given to research activities funded through an external or internal research grant on a cost recoverable basis, or the development of proposals that will result in funding.

If time and resources permit, and based on a cost-recoverable agreement, some research activities associated with contract research that has been approved through the Research Grant and Contract Services (RGCS) may be accommodated.

The NRU will also assist with program evaluation through the Program Evaluation Committee or other Faculty of Nursing Surveys.

  • The NRU is located in HSC 2901
  • Hours of Operation and Work Time: Regular office hours Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., with the exception of staff holidays and university closures

NRU staff:

Research co-ordinator:

  • Joanne Smith-Young, BN/RN, MN, PhD student
  • Phone: 709-864-8145, Office: 2904; email:

The NRU Research Coordinator:

  • Provides orientation on policies and procedures to all research assistants and others working in the NRU
  • Arranges for computer space for research assistants (RAs) based on computer program needs
  • Provides copies of NRU policies and procedures
  • Discusses with the associate dean (Research) all requests outside normal operation of work time
  • Provides copies of research assistant time sheets.
  • Provides updated lists of research assistants with access to the NRU to the General Office

Grants facilitator:

  • Trina Kirby-Butler, BSc (hon), MSc, PhD (Medicine), Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Phone: 709-864-2663 Office: 2903; email:

The grants facilitator is a first point of contact and a communication liaison between Faculty of Nursing researchers and administrators in the Office of the Vice-President Research, Research Grant and Contract Services (RGCS), and CREAIT, CRC and CFI Services (CCCS).

  • The grants facilitator works with RGCS and CCCS to ensure researchers are appropriately educated on and familiar with university and sponsor policies, guidelines and deadlines
  • Identifies funding opportunities aligned with the faculty’s program of research
  • Provides a comprehensive review of letters of intent (LOI), grant proposals/applications and ethics applications
  • Ensures researchers are compliant with university and sponsor policies, procedures and eligibility guidelines
  • Identifies signing authorities for applications as needed
  • Develops and supports collaborative research initiatives

NRU services:

  • Grant application assistance
  • Research project management
  • Limited space for research assistants
  • Orientation of research assistants
  • Research design
  • Participant recruitment
  • Data collection
  • Data entry
  • Transcription of interviews
  • Data analysis
  • Assistance with knowledge translation and dissemination

Additional Resources:

Research Grant and Contract Services (RGCS):

  • This is a one-stop shop approach to pre- and post- award and administration. The pre-award component focuses on review and approval of research grants and contracts, while the post-award component provides research project management and administrative support for large-scale research programs.

Health Sciences Library (HSL):

  • Literature Searching: Librarians will perform literature searches in relevant databases on requested topics. This service is available at no cost for faculty and staff. Request a literature search by clicking on: literature search
  • Online Resources: The Health Sciences Library provides access to databases, electronic journals and books in the fields of nursing, medicine & allied health. A listing of books and resources about research methodology and nursing theory is available.

If you have questions about literature reviews, copyright, research metrics, or open access publishing, do not hesitate to contact the Health Sciences Library.

Memorial University of Newfoundland Research Policies:

  • Memorial University has a number of institutional policies that guide the administration and practice of research.

Research Funding Opportunities Database

  • This database contains information on internal and external funding opportunities for researchers that is maintained by staff in Research Grant and Contract Services.

Memorial Researcher Portal

  • The Researcher Portal is a web-based work tool for research data management. The Researcher Portal will allow you to apply for various types of research funding and ethics certifications

Course on Research Ethics (TCPS 2: CORE)

  • This tutorial is designed to introduce researchers, regardless of their discipline or methodology, to the TCPS 2 guidelines. All faculty, staff, and students must complete the TCPS 2: CORE prior to submitting a new application to ICEHR for review as a principal investigator, academic supervisor of student projects, and any other project team members who will have contact with human participants. Certificates of completion must be included with your application submission, or your application will be returned to you.

Institutional Signature Procedurewithin the Faculty of Nursing

Research Grants and Contract Services (RGCS) General Authorization Form

Faculty of Nursing Research Grants Authorization Form