Nursing Research Week


Memorial University Research Week 2023

Registration Form - Showcasing Diversity in Nursing Research - November 23, 2023


Margaret McLean Lecture 2023

Assessing the Quality of Mixed Methods Research: Criteria, Frameworks and Challenges

Thursday, November 23, 3:30 p.m

Join in person: Faculty of Nursing, Theatre A (Room 1622)

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About the speakers: Dr. Sergi Fàbregues & Dr. Quan Nha Hong are influential mixed methods researchers and lead developers of the Mixed Methods Critical Appraisal Tool.


Memorial University Research Week 2022 - Nursing Research Online Poster Presentation Series

This series was a collaborative effort by the Centre for Nursing Studies, the Western Regional School of Nursing, and the Faculty of Nursing. 

Our goal was to showcase important nursing research happening here in the province and to encourage further collaboration with our nursing sites and other disciplines.

Researchers at our sites are engaging in a range of studies focused on promoting and improving the health and well-being of the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, and closely align with Memorial University's strategic research priorities, specifically:

(a) Well-being, health and biomedical discovery

(b) Governance and public policy; and

(c) Social justice

It's research consistent with the principles of primary health care.

We hope that you take a moment to look through the posters we have included in this team effort, posters that highlight the important nursing research happening here in our wonderful province!

Poster 1

Title: Oncology Nurses' Readiness  to Provide Patient Support and Information About Genetics and Genomics in Newfoundland and Labrador: A Study Proposal
Authors: R Puddester and J Maddigan

Poster 2

Title: The Canadian Nursing Genomics Engagement Framework
Authors:  A Pike, J Limoges, L Carisson, S Dewell, A Meyer and R Puddester

Poster 3

Title: The Development of a Patient Advisory Committee to Inform a Mixed Methods Study About the Care Needs of Individuals with Diabetes in Newfoundland and Labrador 
Authors: K Dobbin-Williams, K Stevens, J Bruneau and R Crossman

Poster 4

Title: Exploring Diabetes Practices in the Context of Insulin Injections
Authors: R Crossman, K Dobbin Williams and A Deeb

Poster 5

Title: Evaluation of a Virtual Simulation Game as a Means to Maintain Clinical Competency in Pediatric Nursing Practice
Authors: V Duke, L Roberts, K Durdle and M Crotty

Poster 6

Title: Creating a Pandemic Plan for Primary Care
Authors: M Mathews, L Hedden, J Lukewich, EG Marshall  et al.,

Poster 7

Title: Primary Care Nursing Competencies in Canadian Undergraduate Nursing Programs: A National Survey
Authors: J Lukewich, ME Poitras, T Leamon, M Mathews,  K Aubrey-Bassler, D Ryan and D Curnew

Poster 8

Title: Exploring the person-centred care practice patterns of mental health nurses in Newfoundland and Labrador: A mixed methods study
Author: CI Isler, J Maddigan, RD Burry and AP Gaudine

Poster 9

Title: Enhancing Nurses’ Role in Prevention, Early Detection, and Response to Clinical Deterioration of Medical Ward Patients: A Mixed Methods Research Protocol
Authors: A Deeb, J Maddigan and J Bruneau

Poster 10

Title: Exploring the health concerns and health solutions identified by women receiving services for substance use: An Interpretive Description study protocol.
Authors: P Kelly, K Jarvis, K Singleton and J Maddigan

Poster 11

Title: Integrating Physical and Mental Health Care for Individuals with Mental Illness:
A Mixed Methods Study Protocol to Co-Design and Test a Recovery -Focused Lifestyle Intervention
Authors: J Maddigan, J Bruneau, L Phillips, K Ledrew, A Deeb and A Smith

Poster 12

Title: The status and evolution of virtual nursing practice: A comparative case study  in primary care
Authors: C Vaughan and J Lukewich

Poster 13

Title: Humanitarianism and Nursing in the Near East in the 1920s
Author:  H Yacoubian

Poster 14

Title: The Exploration of Arts-Based Activities for Dementia: An Overview of the Literature by Nursing Students in the MUCEP Program
Authors: A Brown, C Locke, J Howard

Poster 15

Title: Engaging seniors with early dementia to improve awareness of access to supportive community services: A pilot project in three areas of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador
Authors: K Parsons, A Pike and G Wideman

Poster 16

Title: The Experiences of Women who had Gestational Diabetes and are at Risk for Developing Coronary Artery Disease
Authors: D Baldwin, A Pike, P Kelly, D Moralejo and M Mackay

Poster 17

Title: A Qualitative Exploration of How Children Born Preterm Transition to Primary School: An Instrumental Multiple Case Study
Author: N Lewis Power

Poster 18: A Work of Heart: Exploring What Kamulamun (Heart) Means to Mi’kmaw Women
Author: E Samms Hurley