Program of Study

  1. A supervisory committee shall be appointed for each student in accordance with General Regulations, Supervision of the School of Graduate Studies.

  2. Students will normally be required to successfully complete a minimum of 18-credit hours of program courses as follows:

    - 7011 Nursing: The Science
    - 7012 Nursing: The Profession
    - 7100 Nursing Research I: Conceptualizing Research
    - 7101 Nursing Research II: Conducting Research
    - One of Nursing 7200-7210: Reading Courses in Research Methodology, or equivalent
    - One of Nursing 7300-7310: Reading Courses in a Substantive Area for Research, or equivalent

    Note: Other courses may be required based on recommendations by the student’s supervisory committee.

  3. A full-time course load for a doctoral student is three courses per term, with each course requiring approximately 15-20 hours of time per week.

  4. Students will normally be required to complete a minimum of two mandatory, non-credit internships/institutes during the first two years of the program. The internships/institutes are designed to provide an opportunity for students to gain substantive knowledge of, and engage in, collaborative research and/or teaching. An internship/institute will be selected based on the student's area of interest and learning needs and will have a set or negotiated time limit during a semester depending on the nature and scope of the work.

  5. Students will be required to participate in four two-hour graduate seminars per semester in each of the first two academic years of the program.

  6. Students must develop and maintain a professional portfolio that includes experience in research, teaching, and academic and professional service.

  7. Students shall submit to a comprehensive examination in accordance with General Regulations, Comprehensive Examinations of the School of Graduate Studies. The comprehensive examination will consist of a written component and an oral component. The examination will normally be scheduled on completion of course work but no later than the end of the student's seventh semester in the program.

  8. Students must submit a written dissertation research proposal for presentation to the School, normally within three months of completion of the comprehensive examinations.

  9. Candidates must submit a dissertation, examined and defended in accordance with General Regulations, Theses and Reports of the School of Graduate Studies.

  10. Candidates are required to spend a minimum of six semesters (two academic years) of full-time study in residence.

  11. In keeping with the general regulations for the School of Graduate Studies, the time limit to complete the degree is seven years.

For more information about the PhD program please read the PhD Info Book.