About Us

When you complete your education at Memorial University, you graduate into our vast, diverse, globally interconnected alumni family. Like many families in Newfoundland and Labrador, unbreakable bonds, a devoted sense of community and a resilience against challenge unite us, whether we live in St. John’s, Singapore or anywhere in between.

At the Office of Alumni Engagement, we offer you many ways to connect with your alma mater, in-person and online, from anywhere in the world. Opportunities to celebrate, socialize, mentor, learn and advance your career are all here, at your fingertips.

Embarking on new and exciting ways to build relationships within our Memorial family of approximately 100,000 members is vital to the evolution of our alumni relations. You, our alumni and friends, are our greatest ambassadors. You are a worldwide community of professionals, leaders, and change-makers who advance the reputation of our university, our province and our world.

Our alumni, our family

The Office of Alumni Engagement operates under Memorial’s Office of Public Engagement, which is a steward of the Public Engagement Framework. A catalyst for action amongst internal and external groups, Public Engagement at Memorial works to design and promote programs and initiatives that provide leadership and supports for a range of units and activities within Memorial. Our alumni are a core component of that ecosystem.

Merging with the concept of public engagement as a principle for fostering new connections with alumni and friends, we seek to realize the potential for relationships of mutual, reciprocal benefit and which advance Memorial’s obligation to our province.