Frequently Asked Questions

I do not meet the GPA requirements and/or the final grade requirements for Stats or Research Methods. Can my application still be considered?

Yes, while it is listed as a requirement you will not be disqualified for not having the minimum grades. Your GPA and final grades are an important part of your application, but they are only one part of your overall package. The admissions commtitee will also be interested in the strength of your references, your personal statement on the Graduate Nursing form, your work history, and your community involvement. 

Is the MScN/Diploma program an online program? 

The MScN Practicum program is a completely online program with no in-person instruction or online lectures. The MScN Nurse Practitioner Program and Post Master's Nurse Practitioner Graduate Diploma program are a hybrid of online and in-person instruction; all courses in the programs are delivered online but students are required to come to campus for onsite weeks three times during the program. Students are also required to complete in-person clinical placements in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

I've completed graduate courses at another institution; can they be used as transfer credits for the MScN or Diploma program?

As per Memorial University's policy a maximum of two courses can be used as transfer credits in the MScN program. Courses are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Associate Dean (Graduate Programs) to ensure they meet the requirements. There are no guarantees that courses taken at another institution can be used as transfer credits. 

Is it possible to enroll in any MScN courses without being accepted into the program?

No, courses are reserved for students accepted into the MScN/Diploma program.

What are the workload requirements in the MScN program?

Graduate studies are demanding and require a commitment and good organizational skills to manage the workload involved. While courses are online and thus scheduling of required activities is flexible within any given week, students are still expected to devote 12-15 hours per week per course (not including papers or extra studying for exams). This is the equivalent of 3 hours of classes per week, and 3 hours of study/homework for each hour of class, which is the standard recommendation for on-campus courses.

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