Adjunct Professors

Criteria, eligibility and current adjuncts:

Candidates for adjunct professor will normally hold a doctoral degree in nursing or a related discipline or a combination of graduate education and experience that allows them to contribute to research and teaching within the School of Nursing.

Terms of appointment and reappointment:

Adjunct Professors will be involved in teaching and research responsibilities within the School of Nursing as indicated:

Teaching responsibilities may include:

Presentation at the Faculty and Graduate Student Research Seminar;Lecture in one or more undergraduate or graduate courses;Contribute to the development of undergraduate and/or graduate courses;Participate in curriculum development within the School of Nursing;Serve as member or co-supervisor on the supervisory committee of a graduate student in nursing;Co-facilitate a module in interdisciplinary professional education;Co-author a report, journal article, or other publication related to teaching or education written by a faculty member in the School of Nursing;Participate as a Examiner for a Master's Nursing student thesis;

Research responsibilities may include:

Participate as a principal or co-investigator on a research project with a faculty member within the School of Nursing;Contribute to gaining access to research participants;Participate in data analysis;Co-author a research report, journal article, or other publication written by a faculty member in the School of Nursing;

Appointments will be for a specific period not to exceed three years and are renewable.

Adjunct Professors:

  1. Butler, Mollie, B.Sc.N., MPA University of Victoria, Ph.D. Stellenbosch
  2. Chubbs, Katherine, RN, BN, MHS Athabasca, CHE, DBA
  3. Ersser, Steven, B.Sc.(Hons) London South Bank University, Ph.D. King’s College, Nursing Cert. of Teaching & Learning in HE
  4. Galvin, Kathleen, RN, M.Sc., Ph.D. Manchester