Past Practicum Projects (2001-present)


Bellemare, Maude; Development of a Trauma-Informed Care Resource for Emergency Nurses Caring for People with Mental Illness. Supervisor: Dr. Abubaker Hamed.

Bennett, Julia; Development of a Medication Management Program for Developmental Support Workers. Supervisor: Dr. Renee Crossman.

French, Robyn; The Development of a Post Orientation Mentorship Program for Novice Registered Nurses in the Intensive Care Unit. Supervisor: Dr. Robin Devey-Burry.

Greene, Ashley; Unexpected Termination Of Pregnancy For Fetal Anomaly: A Patient Resource Manual. Supervisor: Dr. Renee Crossman.

Hiscott, Megan; Development of a Simulation Orientation Program for First Year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Collaborative) Program Students at the Centre for Nursing Studies (CNS). Supervisor: Dr. Abubaker Hamed. 

Lahey, Lesley-Marie; A Learning Resource For Novice Labor And Delivery Nurses In Obstetrical Operating Rooms. Supervisor: Dr. Renee Crossman.

LeGrow, Tracy; Evaluating The Effectiveness Of The Gentle Persuasive Approach On Dementia Care Competencies For Nurses Practicing In Longterm Care. Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Collins.

MacNeil Gushue, Mindy; Development of a Self-Directed Learning Resource Focused on the Identification, Treatment, and Prevention of Nursing Burnout for Nurses Practicing in Acute Care Settings. Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Collins.

Riley, Olivia; Development Of An Educational Resource: Cultural Safety With Patients Who Identify As Black, African Nova Scotian, African Or Caribbean Descent. Supervisor: Dr. Renee Crossman.

Thorne, Zachary; Development of an Educational Resource for Nursing Staff and Unlicensed Personnel on the Identification and Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections within Residents Living in Long Term Care. Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Collins.


Brett, Kathryn; Development of  Primary Care Low Back Pain Pathway. Supervisor: Dr. Renee Crossman.

Buffett, Stephanie; A Resource for the Prevention and Management of Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis. Supervisor: Dr. Erica Hurley.

Callahan, Krista; The Development of a Nursing Education Program Evaluation Framework for a Bachelor of Nursing Program. Supervisor: Dr. Renee Crossman.

Crewe; Michelle; Development of a Learning Module for Emergency Department Nurses to Improve Geriatric Knowledge to Guide Geriatric Patient Care. Supervisor: Dr. Ahtisham Younas.

Croucher, Danita; Evaluation of a Pain Assessment and Management Quality Improvement Initiative in Long Term Care Facilities. Supervisor: Dr. Hrag Yacobian.

Fry, Hillary; Improving Indigenous Mental Health Care Based On The First Nation’s Mental Wellness Continuum Framework. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.

Griffiths, Vanessa; Implementation and Evaluation of a Wellness Resource for Resiliency amongst Emergency Nurses in a Rural Newfoundland Site. Supervisor: Dr. Nicole Snow.

Halley, Grace; Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Pilot Workshop on Clinical Deterioriation Using an Early Warning Score. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.

Hunt, Ashley; A Clinical Resource for Health Care Providers to Improve Diabetic Foot Care. Supervisor: Dr. Kathleen Stevens.

Linehan, Allison; Development of a Self-Directed Orientation Resource for Nurses Newly Hired to the Neurosurgical Perioperative Specialty. Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Howard.

Neil, Susan; The development of a self-directed learning resource for coronary care nurses caring for adult patients with cardiogenic shock. Supervisor: Dr. Erica Hurley.

Pinto, Maria; The Development Of A Wellness Resource For New Graduate Nurses In Acute Care Settings. Supervisor: Dr. Renee Crossman.

Willett, Tanya Sherry lee; Spiritual Care: Development of a Nursing Student Resource. Supervisor: Dr. Ahtisham Younas.


Rowe, Leanna; Hearing Loss Management in Acute Care. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

O'Donnell, Lauren; The Development of a Mental Health Low-Fidelity Simulation to Enhance Undergraduate Nursing Student Knowledge and Competency. Supervisor: Dr. Nicole Snow.


Barrett, Crystal; Job Titles and Education Requirements of Registered Nurses in Primary Care: A Research Practicum. Supervisor: Dr. Julia Lukewich. 

Bonnell, Reuben; The Development of an Educational Resource for Patients Post Myocardial Infarction. Supervisor: Dr. Ann Noseworthy.

Bragg, Allison; The Development of a Workplace Violence Education Huddle Program and Facilitator’s Manual. Supervisor: Dr. Kathleen Stevens.

Burry, Elizabeth; The Development of a Self-Directed E-Learning Resource on Burn Care Nursing. Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Howard.

Carvery, Sally; Evaluation of Virtual Care and Telepsychiatry at a Community Mental Health Clinic. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.

Cobbs, Olivia; Development of a Self-Directed Learning Resource for Nurses Caring for Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder in the Mental Health Setting. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.

Dawe, Lindsay; The Development of a Half-Day Workshop to Assist Novice Nurses in the Identification and Management of Clinical Deterioration. Supervisor: Dr. April Pike.

Dominey, Christina; A Patient Resource to Support the Utilization of Virtual Care at Home in Rural Communities. Supervisor: Dr. Jennfier Howard.

Dunn, Casey; Development of a Nurse Incivility Infographic to Enhance Awareness and Recognition of Incivil Behaviors. Supervisor: Dr. April Pike.

Foley, Vanessa; Development of a Self-Directed Learning Resource on the Prevention, Identification, and Management of Postoperative Delirium for Nurses Working in Acute Surgical Settings. Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Howard.

Hammond, Jessica; Development of a Preoperative Teaching Manual for Patients Waiting for Cardiac Surgery: A Guide to Cardiac Surgery. Supervisor: Dr. Ann Noseworthy.

Higdon, Leslie; Development of a Wellness Resource to Strengthen Resilience in the Oncology Healthcare Team. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.

Maxwell, Lindsay; Substance Use Disorders: Causes, Types, and Recovery. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.

Sweetnam, Meghan; Recommending Practice Development for Registered Nurses in Remote Northwest Territories, Canada Through Participation in Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Education. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.

Wiscombe, Robert; Implementation of a Certified Mental Health Program for Imperial Oil Limited (IOL) Canada Employees. Supervisor: Dr. Robert Meadus. 

Woodman, Brittany; Development of an Educational Resource for Dialysis Nurses about Pediatric Hemodialysis. Supervisor: Renee Crossman.


Ayotte, Emilie; Enhancing Senior Nursing Students’ Awareness And Understanding Of Culture Of Safety. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Browne, Joanne; Development of a Health Literacy Resource for Case Managers: Optimizing the Successful Transition from Hospital to Home. Supervisor: Paula Kelly. 

Convey, Maggie; Development of a Student Success Protocol for Undergraduate Nursing Program Students. Supervisor: Dr. Robert Meadus.

Femiak, Lindsay; Development of An Internet-Based Perioperative Education Resource For Adult Patients Experiencing Open Sternotomy Cardiac Surgery. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra MacDonald. 

Glover, Samantha; Development of a Structured, Systematic, and Standardized Practice Guideline for Registered Nurses Caring for Autistic Children Undergoing Day Surgery. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra MacDonald. 

Gosse, Carolyn; Development of an Orientation Toolkit for the Eastern Health Remote Patient Monitoring. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Lanning, Beverly-Ann; The Development of an E-Learning Resource On Lower Limb Lymphedema for Continuing Care Nurses. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Norman, Ashley; Intravenous Patient-Controlled Analgesia (IV PCA) for Post-Operative Pain Management: An Education Module for Registered Nurses. Supervisor: Renee Crossman.

Puddester, Rebecca; A Policy Proposal for a Dedicated Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome Follow-Up and Navigation Program. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.

Shears, Stephen; Development of a Resource to Help Nurses with Self-Care and Coping During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.

Wang, Xu; Development of the Preceptorship Course Handbook for Bachelor Of Nursing Collaborative Program. Supervisor: Dr. Nicole Snow.

Wood, Megan; Evaluation of Legislated Assisted Community Treatment in the Northwest Territories. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.

Wright, Andrea; Development of a Unit Resource Manual for Newly Hired and Casual Nurses On J4d. Supervisor: Paula Kelly.

Young, Maria; Creating a Learning Resource for Developmental Care in the Nicu: Embracing a Holistic Approach. Supervisor: Paula Kelly.


Atwal, Romy; Developing and Implementing Guidelines for Evaluation of Simulation Education Session. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra MacDonald.

Fagan, Renee; The Lived Experience of Living With an Insulin Pump. Supervisor: Dr. Karen Parsons.

Isaacs, Savannah; Development of a Learning Resource for New Grads to the Stroke Unit. Supervisor: Jill Bruneau.

Jenkins, Kari; Development of a Communication Strategy to Increase Awareness of Clinical Research at Eastern Health. Supervisor: Dr. Nicole Snow. 

King, Sarah; Enhancing Pediatric Home Care in Nova Scotia: Development of Resources for Home Health Professionals. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.

Knox, Sarah; Development of a Resource for Nurses Related to Palliative Care. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Larivee, Patrice; Aboriginal Bispirituality among Eeyou Istchee of James Bay (Quebec). Supervisor: Dr. Robert Meadus.

LeBouthillier, Amy; Infant Mental Health: Development of an Online Learning Module for Perinatal Health Care Providers. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan. 

Morgan, Carolyn; Evaluation of the Provincial Electronic Health Record HEALTHe NL and the HEALTHe NL Online Learning Module: The Nurse Practitioner Perspective. Supervisor: Jill Bruneau. 

Noseworthy, Catherine; Evaluation of an End-of-Life Program in the Community Setting. Supervisor: Dr. Nicole Snow.

Rose, Sandralee; Development of an Endoscopy Intraprocedural Orientation Manual for Registered Nurses. Supervisor: Dr. Robert Meadus. 

Ryan, Mollie; Development of a Resource Tool Kit Related to Safe Neonatal Transport Care for Nunavut. Supervisor: Dr. Anne Noseworthy.

Sheppard, Jennifer; Redevelopment of Nursing Education Groups in a Mental Health Setting. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra MacDonald.

Sorenson, Tracy; Process Evaluation for the Implementation of the Hazardous Medication Guideline. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra MacDonald.



Brake, Matthew; Creating a Data Analysis Plan for the Communication and Teamwork Skills Assessment Tool to Measure the Impact of High Fidelity Interprofessional Education. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra MacDonald.

Carey, Meghan; Development of a Tool Kit to Assist Surgical Nurses in Identifying, Preventing, and Managing Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome. Supervisor: Dr. Cindy Murray.

Crocker, Ashley; Teaching Nurses Chemotherapy Administration in the Adult Population: A Scenario-Based Simulation Module. Supervisor: Jill Bruneau.

Haynes, Chantille; Promoting Clinical Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Research Through the Creation of a Research-Practice Collaboration: A Feasibility Study. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.

Higdon, Cynthia; Evaluation of Adherence to an Oncology Clinical Practice Guideline. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Hunt, Lindsay; The Development of A Learning Resource for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Long Term Care. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Kerr, H. Taylor; Recommendations for Discharge Planning in Community Health. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Moore, Susan; Ethical Conflicts Experienced by Physicians in Community-Based Practice. Supervisor: Dr. Caroline Porr.

Mutford, Sarah; The Development of a Wound Care Learning Resource for Registered nurses Caring for Patients Experiencing Acute Surgical Wounds. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra MacDonald.

Wadhwa, Anne; Ethical Conflicts in Community Health Care: A Qualitative Study of Individual and Family Experiences. Supervisor: Dr. Caroline Porr.

Warren, Amy; A Data Analysis Plan for the Interprofessional Teamwork Questionnaire to Measure the Impact of High Fidelity Interprofessional Education. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra MacDonald.



Baldwin, Daisy; The Development of an Education Program for Live Donors in Newfoundland and Labrador. Supervisor: Donna Best.

Belbin, Dee Anne; Development of an Interactive Workshop to Improve Nurse Management of Pediatric Cancer Pain. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.

Billard, Gina; Standardized Bowel and Bladder Training Program and Learning Resources for Stroke Nurses at Western Health. Supervisor: Donna Best.

Curnew, Deanne; Nursing with Primary Care Settings in Atlantic Canada: A Research Practicum. Supervisor: Dr. Julia Lukewich.

Flemming, Gina; Development of a Cancer Pain Management Learning Module for Registered Nurses in Palliative Home Care. Supervisor: Dr. Creina Twomey.

Gurini, Sherri; An Infection Prevention and Control Orientation Module for Public Health Nurses Working With Communicable and Infectious Diseases. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra MacDonald.

Hatcher, Ava; Development of a Nurse-led Interprofessional Oncology Orientation. Supervisor: Mary Bursey.

Hayes, Sasha; The Development of an Orientation Manuel for New Hemodialysis Nurses. Supervisor: Donna Best.

Kromhoff, Jessica; Development of an Evaluation Plan for the Leadership Institute. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Martin, Natasha; Development of a Self-Directed Learning Manual for Nurses Caring for Peripheral Nerve Blocks. Supervisor: Renee Crossman.

Matthews, Tanya; The Development of an Evidence-Based and Participant-Centered Cardiac Rehabilitation Education Curriculum. Supervisor: Donna Best.

Noseworthy, Kara; Development of a Nursing Mentorship Program for Registered Nurses Working With New Graduate Nurses Transitioning into Surgical Practice. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra MacDonald.

Oates (Ducey), Karla; The Development of an Educational Resource Manual on Sexuality and Dementia for Nursing Staff Working in Long Term Care Facilities. Supervisor: Dr. Creina Twomey.

Penton, Margaret Claire; Development of a Self-Directed Orientation Manual for Novice Registered Nurses in Long-Term Care. Supervisor: Dr. Anne Noseworthy.

Quennell, Shannon; The Development of a Half-Day Workshop Regarding Food Allergy Management for Elementary School Staff. Supervisor: Donna Best.

Reardon, Teresa; Development of a One-Day Preceptorship Workshop for Emergency Department Nurses. Supervisor: Dr. April Manuel.

Reid, Tina; The Development of a Self-Directed Learning Module on Care Planning for Registered Nurses in Long-Term Care. Supervisor: Mary Bursey.

Robinson, Daniel; Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures: A Self-Directed Learning Module for Nurses. Supervisor: Mary Bursey.

Ryder, Danielle; Early Recognition and Treatment of Pediatric Sepsis: The Development of an Education Resource for Registered Nurses. Supervisor: Donna Best.

Saunders, Mallory; Evaluation of the Breastfeeding Handbook: Is this the Most Effective Way to Transmit Breastfeeding Information? Supervisor: Dr. Ann Noseworthy.

Smallwood, Katelyn; Developing a Labour and Birth Orientation Program. Supervisor: Dr. Ann Noseworthy.

Smith, Lindsey; The Development of Education Modules for Teaching Clients/Families with Chronic Lung Disease in a Provincial Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program. Supervisor: Mary Bursey.

Woodcock, Tricia; Learning Module for BSCN Students at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology for the Risk Management of Stage I Pressure Ulcers. Supervisor: Zaida Rahaman.

Younas, Ahtisham; Development and Psychometric Testing of the Relational Inquiry Capabilities Scale. Supervisor: Dr. Caroline Porr.



Ball, Heidi; Evaluating the Orientation of Internationally Educated Licensed Practical Nurses from Jamaica Working in a Long Term Care Program in St. John’s Newfoundland. Supervisor: Dr. Zaida Rahaman.

Chard, Beverly; The Development of a Self-Learning Module on Mental Status Assessment for Registered Nurses Working Within Mental Health and Addictions. Supervisor: Dr. Julia Lukewich.

Clancey, Cindy; Development of a Group B Streptococcus Self-Learning Module for Registered Nurses in Intrapartum and Postpartum Care. Supervisor: Lynn Cooze.

Crotty, Melissa; The Development of a Nurse-in-Charge Resource Manual for Nurses Working in the Medicine and Surgery Programs at St. Clare’s Hospital. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.

Dale, Natalie; Evaluation of a One-Day Meditech Magic Training Program for Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses in a Long Term Care Program. Supervisor: Dr. Cindy Murray.

Densmore, Jennifer; The Impact of Income and Social Status on Population Health: A Scenario Base Simulation for Nursing Students. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.

Dicks, Brenda; The Development of a Workload Measurement Resource for Community Health Nurses within the Central Regional Integrated Health Authority of Newfoundland and Labrador. Supervisor: Dr. Julia Lukewich.

Foley, Anna; Learning Leadership: A Resource for Aspiring Nurse Leaders. Supervisor: Dr. Nicole Snow.

Hawco, Stephanie; The Development of Educational Resources Regarding Lewy Body Dementia for Nurses in Long Term Care. Supervisor: Dr. Anne Kearney.

Keats, Yvonne; The Development of a Teaching Resource Manual for Novice Registered Nurses: Cannulation of Arteriovenous Fistulas. Supervisor: Mary Bursey.

Klein, Laura; Practicum: The Development of an Online Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Family Education Guide. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Leonard, Ashlee; Evaluating the Usability and Knowledge Testing of the Delirium Assessment Tool, Confusion Assessment Method for Intensive Care Unit, for Nurses in Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit. Supervisor: Dr. Zaida Rahaman.

Leyte, Karen; Development of an Education Resource for Families and Clients Navigating Through End-of-Life Care with At-Home Palliation. Supervisor: Dr. Fadi Khraim.

Malone, Laura; Development of a Learning Resource Manual for Nurses New to Thoracic Surgery. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.

Messervey, Sarah; Ethical Conflicts in Community-Based Health Care. Supervisor: Dr. Caroline Porr.

Miller, Nick; The Development of a Telephone Follow-Up Intervention for Adult Patients after Cardiac Surgery. Supervisor: Mary Bursey.

Morgan, Andrea; Development of a Learning Resource Manual for Nurses on Caring for Patients Post-Stoma Surgery. Supervisor: Dr. Cindy Murray.

Parsons, Chantal; The Development of an Evaluation Plan for the Implementation of the Feet First Program to Rural Healthcare Sites Within the Central Regional Health Authority of Newfoundland and Labrador. Supervisor: Dr. Julia Lukewich.

Pitcher, Kelli; The Development of an Online Resource Manual for Parents Caring for Their Child at Home Following Surgery. Supervisor: Lynn Cooze.

Price, Rachel; The Development of a Volunteer Resource Manual in the Emergency Department. Supervisor: Krista Collett.

Rudolph, Sherrilee; Care for the Autistic Child: A Resource Manual for Health Care Providers. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Spurvey Roslyn; The Development of a Learning Module for Youth Care Counsellors Working with Incarcerated Youth. Supervisor: Dr. Fadi Khraim.

Stagg, Paula; CAUTI Prevention Bundles: Improving Best Practices within Western Health for Continued Success. Supervisor: Dr. Fadi Khraim.

Stevenson, Michelle; Improving Safety of Nursing Staff: Challenges and Solutions Regarding Safety for Nursing Staff in Acute Care Psychiatric Settings. Supervisor: Dr. Nicole Snow.

Wadman, Leann; The Development of a Self-Directed Learning Module for Rural Emergency Nurses on Pediatric Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Supervisor: Dr. Joy Maddigan.



Barnes, Amy; The Development of a Plan for a Comprehensive Review of the Vaccine Storage and Handling Practices in the General Practice Setting. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Beattie, Scott; A Review of Existing Mental Health Community Services in the St. John’s Region: Gaps and Recommendations. Supervisor: Dr. April Manuel.

Blackmore, Anne; Engaging Nurses as Flu Champions: The Development of a One Day Education Workshop. Supervisor: Dr. April Manuel.

Bowman, Sherry; Audit of Curriculum Content to Assess the Integration of CASN Informatics Competencies in a BScN Program. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Chambers, Kaitlin; Normal Labor and Childbirth: Developing Self-Learning Modules for Newly Hired Case Room RN's. Supervisor: Paula Kelly.

Chappell, Pamela; Development of a Self Learning Module for Perinatal RNs on Vaginal Exams in Labour. Supervisor: Paula Kelly.

Howell, Joanne; Increasing Culturally Sensitive Care: Development of a Toolkit. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Kielley (Churchill), Lorie; Managing Nausea: A Chemotherapy Education Resource Manual for Nurses. Supervisor: Dr. April Manuel.

Leon, Else; Guiding and Evaluating Preceptorship: The Development of a Unit-Specific Tool. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Marshall (Gillard), Donna; Examination of New Parents’ Evaluation of Postnatal Education Materials. Supervisor: Dr. Caroline Porr.



Bruce, Courtney; The Development of a Resource Manual for Licensed Practical Nurses: Foot Care for High Risk Older Adults in a Long Term Care Agency. Supervisor: Mary Bursey.

Burton, Jenny; Implementing Antepartum Standards of Nursing Practice Within the Family Care Unit. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Coish, Courtney; A Resource Manual for Individuals and Families Living with an Adult with Traumatic Brian Injury. Supervisor: Renee Crossman.

Dawe, Jacqueline; Using TeamSTEEPS and CUSP in Surgical Services to Improve Patient Safety. Supervisor: Doreen Dawe.

Farrell, Pauline; Community Issues in Hospital Ethics Consultations. Supervisor: Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Hiscock, Tonya; The Development of A Resource Manual for the Care of Patients Post Radial approach. Supervisor: Dr. April Manuel.

Jones, Fiona; Creating a Clinical Competency Program for Registered Nurses Working in Cardiac Diagnostics. Supervisor: Mary Bursey.

Kean, Janie; Development of Breastfeeding Education Modules for Prenatal Education. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Kennedy, Carla; Health Education Workshop: Talking our Way Towards Healthy Working Relationships. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Lily, Karen; Prevention of Diabetes and Early Detection of Prediabetes. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Nolan, Chris; Cultural Competence & Sensitivity: A Self-Directed Learning Guide for Health Practitioners Caring for an Inuit Population. Supervisor: Doreen Dawe.

Sherry, Wendy; Development of a Resource Manual for Critical Care Nurses Caring for Culturally Diverse Families Involved in the Organ and Tissue Donation Process. Supervisor: Dr. April Manuel.

Small, Deann; Tailoring a Self Learning Module to Address Nurses’ Learning Needs About Wound Care. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Somers, Walter; The Massive Transfusion Education Program: A Pilot Study. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra MacDonald.



Burt-Peckford, Susan; A Practicum Project that Introduces An Advanced Nursing Practice Position within Western Regional Integrated Health Authority. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Cooper, Megan; Developing a Resource Manual for The Care of the Bariatric Resident in Long Term Care. Supervisor: Doreen Dawe.

Dunlop, Melanie; Palliative Care in Nova Scotia’s Communities. Supervisor: Doreen Dawe.

Fisher, Janet; Exploring Nurses’ Perceptions of Barriers and Facilitators for Managing their Own Diabetes in the Workplace: A Pilot Study. Supervisors: Dr. Shirley Solberg/Dr. Wendy Young.

Hurley, Jennifer; The Development of a Critical Care Resource Manual for Nursing Students. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Maloney, Wendy; The Role of a Peer Review in Nursing: A Review of the Literature and Guidelines for use in Community Health Nursing Practice. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Newton, Rebecca; Practicum: Self-Management Support: A Guide For Healthcare Professionals. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Ricketson, Danielle; Speech Therapy Needs and the Provision of Service for Post Stroke Aphasia Patients in the Niagara Region. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Rideout, Krista; Self-Care Management for Patients Living with Plaque Psoriasis. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Sparkes, Carolyn; Practicum: Development of a Clinical Progression E-Portfolio as a Modality for Student Self-Assessment and Faculty Evaluation In an Undergraduate Nursing Program. Supervisors: Dr. Shirley Solberg /Dr. Caroline Porr.

Stockley, Pam; Cleft Lip and Palate: A Learning Guide Manual Development for Health Care Professionals. Supervisor:  Andrea Brennan-Hunter.

Sutton, Kristelle; Nurses New to Acute Stroke Nursing Care: A Program to Enhance Nursing Nursing Knowledge, Assessments, Interventions And Self-Efficacy. Supervisor: Dr. Karen Parsons.



Becker, Catherine; The Development of Self-directed Learning Modules for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurses: Nursing Care of Patients with Acute Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury. Supervisor: Mary Bursey.

Elliott, Janine; The Ethical Concerns Related to Feeding in Long Term Care. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Flemming, Jennifer; The Development of a Self- Learning Module for New Nurses: Healing Broken Wounds. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Frankland, Renay; Integrating Patient Simulation Into An Undergraduate Nursing Program. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Neumeier, Melanie; Moving the Discussion Online: A Pilot Project to Evaluate Asynchronous Online Discussion As a Format for Clinical Post- Conference. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra Small.

Organ, Katherine; Assessing the Impact of Services For Clients with End Stage Renal Disease at a Satellite Hemodialysis Unit in Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland and Labrador. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra MacDonald.

Porter, Shelley; Development and Planning of an Orientation Package for Rural Newfoundland Emergency Departments. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Sarrazin, Erin; Evaluation and Creation of Supports for Internationally Educated Nurses: A Policy Recommendation. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra LeFort.



Crummey, Debra Beth. The Implementation and Evaluation Of a Breastfeeding Program for Maternal Newborn Nurses of Western health. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Drake, M. Patrice; Listening to Those Who Know: An Evaluation of an Accelerated Nursing Program At the University of Prince Edward Island School of Nursing. Supervisor: Andrea Brennan-Hunter.

Driscoll, Keri; Developing a Facilitator’s Toolkit For a Preceptor Preparation Workshop. Supervisor: Dr. Karen Parsons.

Gardner, Glen; The Development of Education Modules for Intensive Care Nurses Caring for Post-Cardiac Arrest Patients Receiving Therapeutic Hypothermia. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra MacDonald.

Haight, Katherine; Developing a Clinical Teaching and Learning Resource for Novice Nurse Educators. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra Small.

Lamswood, Jennifer; Simulation in Nursing Education: The Utilization of Standardized Patients In an Undergraduate Mental Health Course. Supervisor: Dr. Robert Meadus.

O'Grady, Rosemary; Development of a Cancer Pain Program at McGill University Health Care Centre. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Parrill, Cindy; Mild Cognitive Impairment: An Education Program for Older Adults Experiencing Mild Memory Problems. Supervisor: Dr. Karen Parsons.

Power, Michelle; Nurses’ Perceptions of Continuing Competency Program. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Quigley, Jenille; Enhancing the Nurses Experience: A Resource Manual for Effective Orientation. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Stanley-Young, Donna; An Orientation and Resource Guide For Preceptors of Nursing Students. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Stone, Colleen; Development of a Workplace Violence Program in an Intensive Care Unit: A Practicum Project. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.



Bartlett, Angela; The Development of an Educational Curriculum for an Out-Patient Heart Failure Clinic. Supervisor: Donna Best.

Hooper, Stephanie; Developing a Self-Directed Nursing Resource for Lung Cancer. Supervisor: Doreen Dawe.

Kennedy, Elizabeth; A Program to Enhance the Nurse’s Role in Discharge Planning and Handover Report. Supervisor: Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Rauman, Peggy; A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP): Enhancing Nurses’ Awareness of their Professional Rights and Responsibilities. Challenging the Current Culture of Safety in the Profession of Nursing. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Stagg, Glenda; Development of a Toolkit for Public Health Nurses to Educate Youth about HPV, Cervical Cancer and the HPV Vaccine. Supervisor: Doreen Westera.

Whelan, Amanda; The Development of an MRSA Resource Manual for Nurses. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.



Alyward, Mark; Nurse Recruitment and Retention In Rural Newfoundland and Labrador Communities: The Experiences of Healthcare Managers. Supervisors: Dr. Alice Gaudine/Lorna Bennett.

Crawley, Christine; Focusing on Patient Safety: Revision and Communication of the Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Duty to Report Policy. Supervisor: Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Donnelly, Lousie; Are we Cutting It? Assessing the Learning Needs of Surgical Nurses on a Complex Surgical Ward in a Pediatric Hospital. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Fraser, S. Helen; Development of a Faculty-Student Mentoring Program for the Mi’kmaq Nursing Students. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Olford, Brenda; Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Computer Assisted Instruction Modules to Teach Fundamental Psychomotor Nursing Skills. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra MacDonald.

Ozua, Maria; The Development of Performance Checklists Assessing Healthcare Workers’ Knowledge and Skills on the Use of Personal Protective Equipment in Acute Care Settings. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Pelley, Joanne; The Development of an Orientation Manual for Public Health Nurses on Population Health. Supervisor: Doreen Westera.

Pike, Rodolfo; Filling the Gap: An Informational Needs Assessment of Individuals with Familial Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy. Supervisor: Donna Best.

Rudderham, B. Erin; Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): Assessing the Learning Needs of Public Health Nurses. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Strudwick, Lori; HPV Vaccination Programming Throughout Canada: Recommendations for the Yukon. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Tracey-Michelin, Heather; The Development of a Client Abuse Prevention Program for the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Newfoundland. Supervisors: Doreen Dawe/Dr. Karen Parsons.

Whalen-Brake, Daphne; The Development and Pilot Implementation and Evaluation of an e-Learning Module on the Eastern Health Privacy/ Confidentially Policy. Supervisor: Dr. Alice Gaudine.



Bailey, Judith; Evaluation of a Virtual Clinical Excursion by First Year Baccalaureate Nursing Students: The Impact of Virtual Clinical Excursion on Knowledge Transfer in Relation to Critical Thinking Skills and Psychomotor Skills. Supervisor: Mary Bursey.

Brennick, Deborah; Health Assessment Learning Project For Registered Nurses. Supervisors: Dr. Creina Twomey/Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Clarke, Janice; Development of Self-Learning Modules on Nursing Care of the Patient with a Stroke from a Rehabilitative Perspective. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Coates, Jennette; Evaluation of Infection Prevention and Control Orientation Programs: “Do They Provide Information to Help Healthcare Workers Meet the Core Competencies?” Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Downey, Joan; The Development of a Fall Risk Manual for Acute Care. Supervisor: Marilyn Beaton.

Gregory, Connie; The Relationship Between Nurses’ Absenteeism as Measured by Self-Reports and Organizational Records. Supervisor: Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Kettle, Cynthia; The Donation Request and the Health Care Professional: A Critical Care Staff Education Program. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

MacDonald, David; Completion and Pilot Testing of a Defibrillation and Cardioversion Self- Learning Module. Supervisor: Donna Best.

McDonald, Catherine; Enhancing the Role of a Chief Nursing Officer. Supervisor: Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Nemeth, Willena; An Intravenous Insertion Educational Program for Baccalaureate Nursing Students. Supervisors: Dr. Donna Moralejo/Dr. Sandra Small.

Squires, Deborah; Development of a Questionnaire to Assess the Learning Needs of Community Health Nurses to Provide Palliative Care to Clients in the Home. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg/Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Templeton, Janet; The Development and Implementation of a Program to Promote Patient Safety in Eastern Health. Supervisor: Dr. Alice Gaudine.



Barrie, Carina; Development and Implementation of a Smoking Cessation Program on a Medical Cardiology Unit. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Beresford, Mary; The Development and Implementation Of a Project that Introduces an Advanced Nursing Practice Position within Western Regional Integrated Health Authority. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Dyke, Carla; A Review of Parent Education Materials in Neonatal Intensive Care Units Across Canada. Supervisors: Peggy Daly/Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Hamelin, Linda; An Education Program for Women who Experience Therapy-Induced Menopause following A Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant. Supervisors: Dr. Donna Moralejo/Dr. Donna Bulman.

Hunt-Smith, Heather; A Study of a Maternal Child Hospital Ethics Committee. Supervisor: Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Luciani, Angela; Feasible Continuing Competency Assessment Strategies for the North. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

March, Janice; Development of a Telephone-Based Mother-to-Mother Breastfeeding Support Program for New Breastfeeding Mother in Newfoundland and Labrador. Supervisor: Doreen Westera.

Miller, Denise; The Development of a Float Manual and Pocket Guide for Non-Cardiac Nurses Floating to Work on a Cardiac Inpatient Unit. Supervisor: Donna Best.

Nisbet, Mary; Nurses’ Ethical Conflict with their Organization: A Quantitative Study of Outcomes For Nurses. Supervisor: Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Reid, Lynn; Closing the Gap: The Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Education Program for Outpatients Awaiting Cardiac Catheterization at the New Brunswick Heart Centre. Supervisor: Donna Best.

Sheppard, Peggy; Ethical Conflicts and Hospital Ethics Committees: A Nursing Perspective. Supervisor: Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Spearns, Kelli; The Development of Self-Directed Learning Perinatal Bereavement Modules and Resource Manual on Perinatal Bereavement Care for Maternal Newborn Nurses. Supervisor: Doreen Westera.

Warren, Elaine; Ethics in Acute Care Practice: A Clinical Ethics Committee. Supervisor: Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Whalen, Lori; Development of Self-Directed Learning Modules on Developmental Care. Supervisors: Peggy Daly/ Dr. Sandra LeFort.



Anstey, Allan; Delivering Education to Triage Nurses: Ordering Lower Extremity X-Rays in Emergency. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Barnable, Aleixa; Having a Sibling with Schizophrenia: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisor: Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Bauer, Shelley; A Safer Ride: The Effect of a Workshop on Child Passenger Safety on Awareness, Knowledge and Self-Efficacy. Supervisors: Andrea Brennan-Hunter/Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Brennan, Jodi; Concept Mapping in Clinical Nursing Education: The Development and Pilot Implementation of an Instructional Program. Supervisors: Dr. Lan Gien/ Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Castagne, Christine; Development and Implementation of the Smart Choices Healthy Eating Program. Supervisor: Judith Blakeley.

Chafe, Joanne; Counseling University Students: Experiences using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques in Conjunction with Roy’s Adaptation Model. Supervisor: Doreen Westera.

Christianson, Tracy; Assessing the Quality Of Care in a Regional Integrated Viral Hepatitis Clinic in British Columbia: A cross-sectional study. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Coffey, Tamara; The Development of a Constant Care Resource Manual For Nurses. Supervisors: Dr. Alice Gaudine/Doreen Dawe.

Cunning, Glenda; Implementation and Evaluation of the G2G Program: A Physical Activity Program for Adolescent Females. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Currie, Daniel; Changing From a Functional to a Primary Nursing Care Delivery Mode. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Durnford, Kerry Lynn; Early Pregnancy Loss: A Needs Assessment of Families’ Experiences and Nurses Who Care. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Graves, Rita; Bed Occupancy in Two Inpatient Hospices in Ontario. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Jarvis, Charlene; Development of a Teaching-Learning Manual for Nursing Staff to Help Residents and Their Families with Transition To Long-Term Care. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Jarvis, Kimberley; Addressing Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Crab Processing Industry. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Loveys Kane, Lynn; A Systematic Approach To Developing an Evaluation of the Nurse-Led Janeway Telephone Advice Line. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

MacDonald, Heather; “Vision of Legacy.” Cornea Donation: An Approach to Optimizing end of Life Care for the Palliative Patient and Their Families. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Manning, Glenda; An Organ and Tissue Donation Education Manual for Community Health Nurses in Rural Newfoundland and Labrador. Supervisor: Judith Blakeley.

Matchim, Shirley; Development and Implementation of a Survey to Assess the Skills and Learning Needs of Licensed Practical Nurses within Newfoundland and Labrador. Supervisor: Dr. Alice Gaudine/Dr. Creina Twomey.

Pizzinggrilli, Barbara; Reducing the Risk: A Geriatric Psychiatry Staff Education Program. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Skinner, Tina; Assessing the Educational Needs of Community Health Nurses Caring for Clients with Chronic Non-Cancer Pain. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Street, Karen; Development of a Preceptorship Program for Licensed Practical Nurses Completing the Post Basic Medication Administration Course at the Centre for Nursing Studies. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Thomson, Melissa; Development of a Manual For Mentoring Newly Hired Nurses. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Warford, Kimberley; The Tidal Model as a Framework for Counselling University Students. Supervisor: Doreen Westera.

White, Susan; Development and Implementation of an Education Program on Parent-Child Attachment. Supervisor: Andrea Brennan-Hunter/Dr. Alice Gaudine.



Alteen, Anna Marie; The Lived Experience of Nurse Abuse: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisors: Lorna Bennett/Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Cooze, Lynn; Development of a Proposal for a Dog Visitation Program for the Janeway Child Health and Rehabilitation Centre. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Ludlow, Valerie; The Development of an Instructor’s Manual & Student’s Handbook for the Orientation of Hemodialysis Nurses. Supervisors: Marilyn Jacobs/Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Mayo, Beth; The Development and Implementation of a Preadmission Surgical Care Program for the Peninsulas Health Care Corporation. Supervisors: Dr. Alice Gaudine/Marilyn Beaton.

Pollett, June; The Development of Self-Directed Learning Modules on Bereavement Care of Acute Care Nurses. Supervisors: Dr. Karen Parsons/Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Pry, Peggy; Cardiac Health in Rural Women Age 40 Years and Older: A Health Promotion Program. Supervisor: Donna Best.



Brake, Lorraine; Development of Assessment And Evaluation Tools for an Asthma Education Workshop. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Duff, Gillian; A Wound Infection Prevalence Survey to Identify and Address Educational Needs of Community Health Nursing. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Hynes, Carolyn; Telework Policy for Employees of The Canada Pension Plan Disability Office. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Pack, Glenda; Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Assisting the Learning Needs of Community Health Nurses to Provide Care for Postoperative Cardiac Surgery Patients. Supervisor: Donna Best/ Dr. Alice Gaudine.



O'Leary, Bernadine; Program Development - a Sun Awareness Program for Health And Community Services, St. John’s Region. Supervisor: Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Watson, Jocelyn; Needs Assessment of the Cochrane Data Base - Do Health Care Providers use Evidence to Guide the Care of the Elderly? Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.



Deering, Glenys; A Review of Visitation Practices in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Janeway Health Centre. Supervisors: Dr. Sandra LeFort /Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Moore, Kelly; Solution-Focused Brief Therapy used as a Counselling Approach with University Students. Supervisors: Lorna Bennett/Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Morgan, Annette; Development of an Action Plan to Increase the Scope And Practice of Nursing Staff Within the St. John’s Nursing Home Board. Supervisors: Dr. Sandra LeFort/Dr. Doreen Dawe.



Cole, B. Jill; The Development Of a Cardiac-Surgery Volunteer Visiting Program. Supervisors: Dr. Sandra LeFort/Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Earles, Barbara; Evaluation of the Centralized Psychiatric Emergency Program Pilot Project. Supervisors: Dr. Alice Gaudine/Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Elliott, Barbara; The Implementation And Evaluation of the Wise Choices: Adolescents and Nutrition Program. Supervisors: Dr. Sandra LeFort/Judith Blakeley.

Power, Lynn; Development of a Wound Management Program for the Health Care Corporation of St. John’s. Supervisors: Dr. Donna Moralejo/Dr. Sandra LeFort.