Student Opportunities - University

Co-operative Education
Internships, Practicums, & Residencies 
Work Experience
  • Centre for Social Enterprise: Offer the Work Experience in Social Enterprise program, which pairs students (both undergraduate and graduate) with a social enterprise for paid work experience. Contact: Hannah Gaultois (Social Enterprise Partner Relations Officer) -
  • Department of Sociology: Partnered with Student Life through the Graduate Student Experience Program (GradSWEP) to help students gain practical work experience and community connections. Contact:
  • School of Nursing: Partnered with Student Life to offer work opportunities for undergraduate students. 
  • Student Life: Has several employment programs for undergraduates (MUCEP), graduate students (GradSWEP), and international students (International Student Work Experience Program - ISWEP). Contact:
Work Sites 
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Center for Applied Health Research: Conduct, support, and translate research, typically revolving around health. Connections with the Faculty of Medicine, specifically the MPH program. Contact:, 709-777-6993.
  • Office of Public Engagement: Promote community engagement at the university and support university departments in participating in community engagement. Connections with the Department of Psychology, specifically the MAPS program. Contact:, 709-864-7352.
    • The Harris Centre: Support and conduct community-based research at Memorial. Connections with the Department of Political Science and the Department of Psychology through the MAPS program. Contact:, 709-864-3143.
  • Oxfam Canada: Addressing global inequity and development through advocating for women's rights at an international level. Connections with the Department of Political Science. Contact: (St. John's Campus) or (Grenfall campus).
  • Student Life: Helping students be successful at Memorial through provision of supports, guidance, and community connections. Contact: Dr. Shannon Lewis-Simpson -, 709-864-2607. 
    • Student Wellness and Counselling Centre: Support and counselling services for students with mental health issues. Connections with the Department of Psychology through the Psy. D program. Contact: 709-864-8500 (option 2).