CHRSP Champions

The Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Applied Health Research is committed to its partnership with the provincial health system through our Contextualized Health Research Synthesis Program (CHRSP). Key stakeholders from the Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) and the provincial government have asked us to develop an inclusive process for working together to support evidence-informed decision making in health. To strengthen communication linkages with CHRSP, we have recruited a group of CHRSP Champions within each RHA and the provincial government who, under the direction of the CEO/DM, facilitate the internal processes needed to support the production of locally-relevant contextualized health research syntheses.

Role of the CHRSP Champions

Each of the four RHAs, the provincial Departments of Health and Community Services, and of Children, Seniors and Social development has identified one or more CHRSP Champions who

  • Assist the CEO/ DM in completing CHRSP-related activities
  • Provide a link between the CHRSP Planning Team and their respective organizations
  • Lead the consultation process within their organizations for identification of CHRSP topics/questions
  • Assist in disseminating communications from CHRSP to their organizations
  • Provide information to the CHRSP Planning Team to improve the program
  • Help identify team members for specific CHRSP projects
  • Assist in the dissemination of CHRSP reports

CHRSP Health System Leaders & Champions


  • Andrea McKenna, DM, Health & Community Services
  • Susan Walsh, DM Children, Seniors and Social Development
  • Kenneth Baird, interim CEO Eastern Health
  • AndrĂ©e Robichaud, CEO Central Health
  • Michelle House, Interim CEO Western Health
  • Heather Brown, CEO Labrador Grenfell Health

CHRSP Champions

Eastern Health

  • Cindy Whitten, Clinical Research Scientist, Manager of Applied Health Research
    Department of Research and Innovation
  • Judy O'Keefe, VP and Chief Information Officer

Central Health

  • Keith Parsons, Regional Manager, Planning and Performance

 Western Health

  • Mariel Newell, Regional Director Planning and Performance
  • Tracey Wells-Stratton, Regional Manager Research and Evaluation.

Labrador-Grenfell Health

  • Nadine Calloway, Regional Director, Health Information and Privacy

Department of Children, Seniors, and Social Development

  • Henry Kielley, Director: Seniors & Aging and Disability Policy 

Department of Health and Community Services

  • Donna Roche, Policy Director