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The Contextualized Health Research Synthesis Program

Health research - synthesized and contextualized for use in Newfoundland and Labrador

CHRSP is an innovative program designed to increase the use of scientific evidence in healthcare decision making. Working in partnership with the provincial healthcare system, community partners, patients and caregivers to identify questions of urgent importance,  CHRSP synthesizes existing research evidence and contextualizes findings to support evidence-based decisions in the Newfoundland and Labrador healthcare system.

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National webinar about CHRSP (advance the video to 34:25)

CHRSP's approach involves decision makers and researchers working together to:

  • focus on specific issues, rather than broad research themes;
  • identify issues of concern to health system leaders;
  • use research expertise to formulate researchable questions;
  • synthesize quality research literature (systematic reviews, meta-analyses, health technology assessments);
  • tailor the syntheses to the local context (challenges, capacities);
  • report research results quickly and in usable formats.

CHRSP produces three decision-support products: Evidence in Context Reports provide a comprehensive review of the literature and a full contextualization of the findings; Rapid Evidence Reports offer a brief evidence overview and preliminary contextualization; and Snapshot Reports are jurisdictional scans that give decision makers an overview of practices, programs, or policies that have been implemented in other Canadian provinces or internationally and that they may wish to consider as they develop new policy directions for the province.

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