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CHRSP researchers are currently at work on the following studies which are the final remaining projects from our last round of topic selection.

  • Chronic Pain Management | Rapid Evidence Report

CHRSP Prioritization and Topic Selection: New Process for 2023

The Contextualized Health Research Synthesis Program (CHRSP) held a province-wide Priority-Setting Meeting for new CHRSP projects on March 1, 2023.

Before the March event, CHRSP researchers conducted a series of pre-consultations with the leaders of the former Regional Health Authorities and with senior leaders and Deputy Ministers of two government departments: Children, Seniors, and Social Development and the Department of Health and Community Services to discuss their suggested priorities for CHRSP decision support through the transition year.

What We Heard: CHRSP Priority Pre-Consultations February 2023

The outcome of the March 1st meeting was a consensus list of priority themes for CHRSP decision support related specifically to two areas: the current health system integration from four Regional Health Authorities to a single Provincial Health Authority and the calls to action of the Health Accord NL. 

The summary report below provides a detailed analysis of the results of the voting/ prioritization process and a summary of our discussions with health system and patient partners. 

CHRSP Priority-Setting Report from March 1st meeting

 Summary of Key Messages in the Report | CHRSP Proecess for 2023:

  • Participants at the March 1st meeting reviewed and assessed four priority research themes that had been identified in pre-consultations with our health system partners:
    • Health Human Resources
    • Healthy Aging/Care for the Older Adult
    • The Learning Health and Social System/Health Information, and
    • Public Engagement & Communication
  • Each theme was considered in terms of its potential importance in five prioritization criteria:
    • Contribution to a successful transition
    • Decision-making impact
    • Urgency
    • Patient and Public impact
    • Opportunities for funding, partnerships, collaboration, and engagement
  • Participants reached a consensus that CHRSP should prioritize decision-support in all four of these areas. No one theme was ranked considerably higher than any other – all were deemed to be important.  

NLCAHR is undertaking further consultations with the NL Health Services/ Provincial Health Authority Transition Team to identify specific projects, to finalize the methodology, and to establish schedules and resources for our upcoming work in 2023-2024.