Current CHRSP Projects

Recently-Completed Reports

Studies in Progress

CHRSP researchers are currently at work on the following studies. The team will begin work on the new studies listed below, in sequence, as soon as this ongoing work is completed:

  • Decision-Making Tools in Obstetrics | Evidence in Context Report
  • Harm Reduction for People Who Inject Drugs | Evidence in Context Report 
  • Mental Health & COVID-19 | Special report commissioned by Mental Health Research Canada

In addition to these studies:

  • The CHRSP team continues to produce regular COVID-19 Quick Response Reports and a bi-weekly COVID-19 e-bulletin to support our health system’s response to the global pandemic.
  • We are also completing a report on behalf of Mental Health Research Canada on the mental health impacts of COVID-19 for families in NL, a report that will be shared with our health system partners.

CHRSP Topic Selection Process 2021- 2022 Round

  • CHRSP received a total of 32 topic submissions from our health system in late 2020.
  • Submissions were reviewed with our health system partners and filtered for overlap and feasibility. The filtering process yielded a shortlist of 17 feasible topics:
    • For 11 topics, we found sufficient health evidence to produce either Evidence in Context reports or Rapid Evidence reports
    • Six topics were suitable for Snapshot reports (jurisdictional scans of practices, programs, or policies established elsewhere that might be suitable for adaptation in NL).
  • Each health system partner whose topic was deemed to be not feasible for CHRSP received a summary of the research studies that we were able to locate on their research question.
  • Members of the CHRSP Patient and Caregiver Advisory Council ranked their top choices from the shortlist.
  • The final ballot was emailed to our health system partners in December, 2020, including the ranking of shortlisted topics of greatest interest to patients and caregivers.
  • By January 19, 2021, CHRSP had received all completed ballots from our six health system partners
  • Results of the vote (see below) were vey strongly aligned between health system and patient partners.

Vote Results: CHRSP Studies 2021-2022


  • Alternatives to Constant Observation for Patients with Cognitive Impairment in Acute-Care Settings- Rapid Evidence Report |What evidence is available on alternatives to constant observation for patients with cognitive impairment in acute care settings that are cost effective and that have no negative impact on the quality of outcomes? COMPLETE

  • Chronic pain management- Evidence in Context Report |What is the evidence to support a multidisciplinary team approach to chronic pain management? PENDING


  • Assessing Decision-Making Capacity | What is the research evidence for various instruments/tools/protocols that are used by healthcare institutions to assess someone’s capacity for decision-making, with a focus on health decision-making in particular? COMPLETE
  • Virtual family support services |How are other Canadian provinces and territories delivering virtual family support services? COMPLETE
  • Improving access to healthcare for rural communities | What are other jurisdictions doing to improve access to healthcare for people living in rural communities? PENDING