Military Families' & Veterans' Health

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Memorial University was established as a “living memorial” to the fallen of the Great Wars. At a time filled with commemorations recognizing the significant anniversaries of WWI events, it was deemed timely to initiate discussions to advance the establishment of a university partnership with community and government sectors dedicated to the well-being of military personnel, veterans, and their families.

Group Convener
  • Dr. Gail Wideman—Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Memorial University


Goals & Objectives

The Research Exchange Group on Military Families’ and Veterans’ Health aims to:

  • Initiate a responsive and sustainable research alliance that can make a positive difference to an important and under researched sector of our province, the Canadian Forces family
  • Mobilize and enable partners across disciplines and sectors to engage in research, policy, and programming related to military families’ and veterans’ health

Join Us

NLCAHR’s Research Exchange Group on Military Families' & Veterans' Health welcomes anyone with an interest in military families' and veterans' health to join us. Please see our calendar of meetings for information about upcoming webinars or email for more details. 

Please note that this Research Exchange Group meets at the Department of National Defense.