Pursue your passion for music - even if you're not a Music student!

Sep 8th, 2017

Marcia Porter

music learning for everyone
Pursue your passion for music - even if you're not a Music student!

Did you love playing in a band or singing your way through junior and senior high school?

Are you into music but registered for another program? Well fear not - the School of Music has courses and ensembles for you, and there's still time to register! Your deadline is Sept. 20. Come on over to the bright side!

“A lot of students who come to Memorial University come here with a great passion for music,” said Dr. Ian Sutherland. “But they don’t think they can continue that interest in university “

Many students aren’t aware of the many courses available to them – whether it’s a class in North American pop music or Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Singing, playing in a jazz ensemble or singing soprano in a chamber choir.

There’s even a course for learning the fundamentals of how musicians read, write and hear music.

“What is so exciting about these courses is that they allow musicians and music lovers to follow their passion no matter what program of study they have at Memorial, “said Dr. Sutherland. “Who wouldn’t want to take a course in pop music,” he said. “There’s so much depth and variety.”

To learn more, go to http://www.mun.ca/music/about/Musicforeveryone.php. You can register for courses as you would for other Memorial classes. “These classes really are a great option for music lovers and enthusiasts, no matter what you are studying,” said Dr. Sutherland.