Beverley Diamond wins SSHRC Gold Medal

Nov 4th, 2014

Krista Davidson

Beverley Diamond wins SSHRC Gold Medal

Dr. Beverley Diamond, Canada Research Chair in Ethnomusicology at Memorial’s School of Music and Faculty of Arts has been awarded the SSHRC Gold Medal for lifetime achievement and impact as a scholar. Part of SSHRC’s Impact Awards program, the Gold Medal is presented annually to an individual whose sustained leadership, dedication and originality of thought have inspired students and colleagues alike, and will provide an opportunity to enrich Canadian society.                             

Dr. Diamond’s body of research is extensive; she has explored a variety of topics ranging from issues of cultural diversity and indigenous modernity, to the development of cross-cultural perspectives on gendered and technologically mediated musical practices, and the exploration of music as a means of both defining and decolonizing the intercultural relationships and music as a medium for addressing rights and social change.

She holds the Canada Research Chair in Ethnomusicology at Memorial University. She is also a fellow of the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation and the Royal Society of Canada, nationally respected peer-nominated organizations comprising the most talented and accomplished scholars and experts in Canada.

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