Grenfell Past Activities

List of past events. 

These were the winners of door prizes at the Grenfell Christmas dinner, Dec. 1, 2022.
L to R: Eric Mintz, Glenda Borden, Marc Thackeray, Henry Mann
Forty people enjoyed a turkey dinner at the Blow Me Down Ski Club



What do MUN Retirees do in winter on the West Coast of Newfoundland?

Winter 2018 was an odd winter in terms of weather with snow storms alternating with warm, rainy spring weather at least six times between the New Year and St Patrick's Day. Between the weather and the many events in which retirees were participating, the local MUNPA group found it difficult to schedule gatherings.

Picture of Grenfell Retirees on snowshoeing trail

Grenfell Snowshoeing Trek (left to right: Cal Hemder, Sherry Bussey, Elizabeth Behrens, Bruce Bussey, Lois Bateman, Ed Andrews, Peggy Kelly, Phyllis Mann)

After a couple of weather-based postponements, a snowshoe trek was successfully held at the Pasadena Ski and Nature Park on March 1st. Henry Mann guided several on snowshoes around wooded trails. The weather was pleasant and the snow was good for both snowshoeing and showing up the tracks and local fauna. Cal Hender opted to try out the ski trails. Afterwards, we gathered for pizza at a local cafe with a few other retirees.

Three local Winter Festivals (Deer Lake, Pasadena and Corner Brook) in February were followed by the March Hare in Deer Lake and Corner Brook, the NL Winter Games (based in Deer Lake with events in Pasadena, Steady Brook and Corner Brook) and the Rotary Music Festival in Corner Brook. In addition to their regular activities, MUN Retirees could be seen volunteering as well as playing major organizational and participation roles in all of these events.

Beneficiaries seated in Glynmill Inn dining room

MUNPA Beneficiary lunch - L to R around the table are Madonna Day (MUNPA committee member), Edna Hodgett, Maureen Mennie, Lois Bateman (MUNPA board member), Sheila Ashton and Susan Malley. Their husbands/partners Ferriss Hodgett, Ian Mennie, John Ashton and Maurice Good are all well known for their contributions to the Grenfell Campus, MUN.
Included in the active group were the spouses/partners of several deceased MUN retirees. In the midst of the Music Festival we did manage to gather a few of the latter for lunch at the venerable Carriage Room of the Glynmill Inn. Having just sampled the Inn's famous partridgeberry and bakeapple tarts, the group was photographed by Sharon Walsh, MUNPA committee member.

Lois Bateman