Planning Your Degree FAQ



Planning a degree for the next four years is overwhelming for students. However, our alumni tell us planning early was an integral part of their success on campus.

For information and assistance, please contact Dr. Barbara Thistle, First-year French co-ordinator, thistleb[a], 864-8565, SN 4028.

French 1500, 1501, 1502:
Introductory University French I, II and III

Which first-year course should you take after high school French?

If you have...

You should take:

NO French

French 1500

High School French 3200 or 3201 with a grade BELOW 80%

French 1500

High School French 3200 or 3201 with a grade of 80% or ABOVE

French 1501

High School French 3200 or 3201 with a grade of 90% or ABOVE

French 1502

Courses completed OUTSIDE the province

Consult the Department at 864-7636.

With French Immersion

You should take:

High School French 2202

French 1501

High School French 3202 with a grade BELOW 80%

French 1502

High School French 3202 with a grade of 80% or ABOVE

French 2159 or 

French 2100 *

Accelerated or extended French

French 2159

* French 2100 is recommended if you are planning on a French Major, French Minor or a teaching career.

Students intending to apply for the Frecker Program, Memorial University’s second–year university French Immersion Program in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, should register for French 1502.

General Introduction to French 1500, 1501, and 1502

These introductory courses will not make you instantly bilingual - but they will get you started and could be the beginning of a challenging but enriching experience : mastering a second (or third) language is not easy but it does bring great rewards - being able to think, dream and converse freely in another language is a wonderful experience, especially as learning a language inevitably involves becoming well acquainted with the culture of those who speak it.

In Canada today, being able to operate in both "official" languages can have its practical advantages, too : many potential employers will opt for applicants who can use both French and English in their work over those who are unilingual.

Prerequisites for further study in French

After completion of the appropriate first university-level French course, French 1500 is the prerequisite for French 1501, and French 1501 with a mark of at least 60 % is the prerequisite


If you still have questions once you have reviewed the document, please feel free to contact Dr. Anne Thareau our Undergraduate Liaison, phone: 864-8597, Room: SN-4041.