Credit Transfer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Interested in Earning Credit for Prior Academic Work?

The Department of Modern Lanuguages, Literatures and Cultures reguarly receives questions from students about how they transfer credit or investigate the potential of earning credit for prior, relevant academic work.

Our question and answers on credit transfer requirements and the process have been developed from student questions. Our responses may also help you!

How Much Time Does it Take to Transfer Credit?

The Department of Modern Lanuguages, Literatures and Cultures, together with other University transfer credit authorities, reviews all documentation regarding credit transfer; official transcripts from other universities attended are typically also submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

Please always allow sufficient time for transfer credit to be assessed and/or awarded.

As I received more than 80 in French 3200 in high school, I should register for French 1501, however I haven't studied or used any French in a number of years. I'm a little concerned that I won't remember much of it. Is there any way I can take 1500 as a refresher/ introductory course? Or am I overreacting and my high school course is sufficient for 1501?

The system will not let you register for 1500, please register for French 1501. A couple of weeks before classes begin, you will receive an email from the first-year coordinator inviting you to take a placement test if you wish to do so. It is not obligatory but it will help the Department decide whether the course you are registered for is best suited for you.