Why Spanish?

What does studying Spanish at university look like?

If you speak Spanish you can communicate with nearly 500 million people in the world. Spanish is one of the most important languages in the economy, politics and culture of our hemisphere. It is the second language of the United States and is becoming popular in established economic powers such as China and emerging ones like Brazil and India. Knowing Spanish will give you greater job opportunities in the labour market.


What do Spanish students study?

Sample courses:

SPAN 2020 Intermediate Hispanic Cultural and Literary Studies; focuses on hispanic literary and cultural studies at the intermediate level and in an intensive immersion setting.

SPAN 3101 Spanish Literature of the Golden Age; a general introduction to the historical and cultural background and development of sixteenth and seventeenth century Spanish prose literature through study of Lazarillo de Tormes, Don Quijote and El Buscón. Special emphasis is given to the picaresque novel and on the originality of Cervantes and the creation of the first truly "modern" novel.

SPAN 3401 Latin-American Culture and Civilization; explores Lati n-American culture and civilization from pre-Columbian times to the present. Particular attention will be paid to issues of colonization, identity and to the background of the various independence and revolutionary movements in the region.

What do students of Spanish do for a living?

Timo Sargent is a recent Memorial graduate in Spanish and political science. He is now pursuing a career as a videographer and spoken word artist. More about Timo.