Why German?

What does studying German at university look like?

In German we do more than just teach you a language. We offer undergraduate programs and courses in German literature, culture and language, German for business and commerce. We also offer excellent opportunities to sharpen your language skills and experience their cultures first hand with programs delivered in Heidelberg, Germany. The knowledge of two or three languages is vital in today's global environment. Training in German helps prepare students for careers in international business, the foreign service, the publishing industry, as translators, and in international law to name just a few.

What do students of German study?

Sample courses:

GERM 3002 Post-Wall Cinema; a study of German cinema from 1990 to the present. It addresses a number of issues that are clearly identified with a post-Wall, unified Germany, such as German unification itself, the new German comedy of the 1990's, the transnationalization of German cinema, the treatment of the Nazi and the Communist past, the rediscovery of the social as a narrative focus, and on the evolving cinematographic directions taken by contemporary German film. The movies are subtitled and lectures and readings are in English.
GERM 3005 West to East: Aspects of the German Intellectual Influence on Russia; examines the fluidity of ideas across geo-political borders, languages and cultures, by exploring how the German intellectual discourse was received and reinterpreted by Russians in their literary, artistic and cultural dialogue. Ideas about the Romantic Hero become conflated with theories involving the Will, the Nietzschean Superman and the Proletarian Revolutionary, personified and embodied in what some scholars characterize as political/cultural Gods (Lenin, Stalin, Hitler).
GERM 3914 German Women Writers in English Translation; studies representative works by prominent German, Austrian, and Swiss women writers from the 19th-century to the present day, their place in German literary history, and the impact of their individual voices.

What sort of jobs do students of German get?

Duleepa (“Dups”) Wijayawardhanahas holds a BA in German from Memorial. He has works with a huge variety of companies such as BioWare (acquired by Electronic Arts) and MySQL (acquired by Sun Microsystems). In 2010, Dups co-founded Silicon Valley-funded Empire Avenue -- which became one of the top 1000 websites in the world (recently acquired by PeopleBrowser Inc.). Currently he is CTO at Green Elk and involved in way too many startups including some through the Genesis Centre at Memorial. More about Duleepa.