Why French?

What does studying French at university look like?

As one of the most useful second languages you can acquire, French offers incredibly personalized service and commitment to high quality education. The department is dynamic and resource rich with a comprehensive knowledge of many linguistic and cultural communities in the French academic world. The Digital Learning Centre is located by the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures and offers a technologically savvy environment for language skill development.

What do French students study?

Sample courses:

FREN 2900 A Survey of Francophone Cultures; places emphasis on oral comprehension and expression.
FREN 3302 History of the French Language; a study of the origins of French, including the influence of Gaulish, Vulgar Latin, Frankish and the langue d'oc/langue d'oïl division, a survey of the dialects, morphology and syntax of Old French and of the evolution from Old to Middle French, including phonology, morphology, syntax and vocabulary.
FREN 3506 French Cinema; a survey course designed to acquaint students with the major productions and trends in French cinema. The course is taught in French, and films screened will not necessarily have English subtitles. It is therefore recommended that students have a good aural comprehension of French.

What sort of jobs do French students get?

Mari-Lynne Sinnott obtained a BA in French and Political Science from Memorial. From there she went on to Memorial’s own medical school and graduated with her MD in 2009. She has recently opened a clinic in downtown St. John’s focusing on women’s health and LGBTQ health. More about Mari-Lynne.