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What is it?

Assessment tools provide a way to test the knowledge of students to ensure they are meeting the course outcomes or objectives.

NameWhat is it?
Quizzes (Brightspace)Quizzes is a tool that allows you to offer assessments to your students through Brightspace.  You can create a number of types of questions for assessment: True or False (T/F) Multiple Choice (M/C) Multi-Select (M-S) Written Response (WR) Short Answer (SA) Multi-Short Answer (MSA) Fill in the Blanks (FIB) Matching (MAT) Ordering (ORD) Arithmetic (2+2) Significant Figures (x10)
Video AssignmentsVideo Assignments give you the flexibility to incorporate new types of assessments into your courses, such as real-world simulations, role-play scenarios, debates, peer reviews, and other creative ways to evaluate your students. After an individual completes a video exercise, they submit their recording for personalized coaching and feedback from their instructor and peers.
Assignments (Brightspace)The Assignments tool in Brightspace allows you to provide assessments, collect files, and grade and provide feedback to students.

* An asterisk indicates a third-party tool that is not supported by the university. For information on using third-party tools, please click here. To view the complete list of technologies supported by CITL, visit our Technology Resources page.