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What is it?

Video Assignments give you the flexibility to incorporate new types of assessments into your courses, such as real-world simulations, role-play scenarios, debates, peer reviews, and other creative ways to evaluate your students. After an individual completes a video exercise, they submit their recording for personalized coaching and feedback from their instructor and peers.

How do I use it?

Video Assignments are available in every Brightspace course site.  To add a video assignment, visit the Content tool, and then add an Existing Activity.  You can learn more on our instruction page.

Why would I use it?

Example Uses

  • An oral assignment: student records themselves discussing a topic and sharing his or her opinion via a video.
  • A language course: students need to demonstrate and/or practice their vocabulary.
  • Case Study: students are required to make a video using a “real world” example to demonstrate a concept learned in class.
  • A role play: students are required to write and record poetry or short stories that illustrate literary elements learned in an English class.
  • Lab work: to display the results of a science lab project from beginning to end, from hypothesis to conclusion.
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Video Assignments
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