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Quizzes (Brightspace)


What is it?

Quizzes is a tool that allows you to offer assessments to your students through Brightspace.  You can create a number of types of questions for assessment:

  • True or False (T/F)
  • Multiple Choice (M/C)
  • Multi-Select (M-S)
  • Written Response (WR)
  • Short Answer (SA)
  • Multi-Short Answer (MSA)
  • Fill in the Blanks (FIB)
  • Matching (MAT)
  • Ordering (ORD)
  • Arithmetic (2+2)
  • Significant Figures (x10)

What is its purpose?

The purposes of Quizzes is to test the knowledge of your students.

How do I use it?

Quizzes is available within Brightspace in every course site.  To access it you need to visit your course site, enter the Assessment menu, and select Quizzes.

Why would I use it?

You would use quizzes to perform an assessment of the student's knowledge in relation to your learning outcomes.

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21 July 2021
20 April 2020
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Any platform. Requires a modern web browser

Ratings Information

This technology is currently under evaluation. Please check back later for a rating.

Security and Privacy

There are currently no security or privacy concerns for this tool.

Support Information

You can get support for using the Quizzes tool from the CITL Support Centre.

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