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What is it?

Video hosting services allow instructors to record or upload videos that they have created, and stream them to students.

NameWhat is it?
Lecture CaptureLecture Capture is a service provided by CITL that allows for a recording of live lectures for later review by students.
Self-Service Video UploaderCITL's video uploader allows instructors to upload their created videos and stream them to students through Brightspace. CITL's video uploader provides instructors with the opportunity to share "desk lectures" or other short tutorial videos with students.  The service ingests your created media, transcodes it for delivery to students, and provides an embed code that allows you to place the video within your Brightspace course.  Each instructor receives 30 GB of storage for their videos.
YouTube*YouTube is a cloud-based video hosting platform.
Video Note (Brightspace)Brightspace Video Note feature allows instructors to record short videos using their webcam or upload videos directly to Brightspace.  No additional software is required to use the webcam recording function.

* An asterisk indicates a third-party tool that is not supported by the university. For information on using third-party tools, please click here. To view the complete list of technologies supported by CITL, visit our Technology Resources page.