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What is it?

Lecture Capture is a service provided by CITL that allows for a recording of live lectures for later review by students.

What is its purpose?

Lecture Capture provides a recording of the video, audio and shared content that takes place in specially equiped classrooms across Memorial.  The purpose of this recording is to act as a supplimentary resource for students who previously attended classes to aid in studying.  Recordings are automatically deleted one month after the semester ends.

How do I use it?

In order to leverage the Lecture Capture technology you must first be scheduled in a Lecture Capture classroom by the Registrar's Office.  Then, you must visit the Dashboard widget within Brightspace and opt-in.

Why would I use it?

Lecture Capture is used to provide a study aid for students or provide accommodations for students with various learning needs.

Usage considerations

Video recordings are restricted to just students within your classlist in Brightspace, and automatically deleted after the semester is complete. However, lecture capture creates a video record of your course and sensitive information or student presentations/examinations should be excluded from the recordings. You can customize your schedule within the Dashboard widget within Brightspace.

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21 July 2021
19 April 2020
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This technology is currently under evaluation. Please check back later for a rating.

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There are currently no security or privacy concerns for this tool.

Support Information

Lecture Capture is supported by the CITL Support Centre.

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