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What is it?

CITL's video uploader allows instructors to upload their created videos and stream them to students through Brightspace.

CITL's video uploader provides instructors with the opportunity to share "desk lectures" or other short tutorial videos with students.  The service ingests your created media, transcodes it for delivery to students, and provides an embed code that allows you to place the video within your Brightspace course.  Each instructor receives 30 GB of storage for their videos.

What is its purpose?

The video uploader allows you to stream short instructional videos to your students.  The streaming service transcodes videos into multiple resolutions to help viewers with low bandwidth conditions to still be able to view the videos.  The maximum resolution of video that can be streamed is 720p.

How do I use it?

All instructors can setup their account through the Dashboard widget in Brightspace, or by visiting the Video Uploader tool directly.  Once set up, you can upload your videos, and receive your embed codes for Brightspace.

Why would I use it?

If you have created instructional media videos that you would like to embed into your Brightspace course site or another webpage, you can use this service to host your video.

Usage considerations

Consideration should be given to the content of the video for privacy and copyright considerations.

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Self-Service Video Uploader
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22 January 2024
19 April 2020
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This technology is currently under evaluation. Please check back later for a rating.

Security and Privacy

Video recordings are not restricted, and can be embedded into any of your courses. For this reason, they could be embedded into other webpages as well.

Support Information

You can receive technical support directly from the CITL Support Centre for the Video Uploader.

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