Ashley Cameron

Previous Education

B.A., (Archaeology), University of Calgary (2016)
B.Sc., (Anthropology), University of Calgary (2016)


Dr. Scott Neilsen


Indigenous archaeology, community archaeology, Lithic
analysis, Pre-contact, Labrador.

Research Statement

For my MA thesis I will be analyzing lithic material to determine site use and inhabitant mobility at the designated archaeological site FjCa-51 in Sheshatshiu, Labrador. The two areas of focus for this project are Area 9 and Area 11 which have been determined to be from the Intermediate Indian Period (3500-1800 years BP). Both traditional and modern techniques, such as geometric morphology, will be used to complete the detailed analyses. This data will then be cross examined with one another, and then with other analysed Intermediate Indian Period sites, in order to better understand site use and sites within the Intermediate Indian Period in general.

The material I will be analysing was excavated as part of a salvage archaeology project, that is still ongoing, within the community of Sheshatshiu. Where it is community focused, I intend to keep the community informed of all progress on my project and invite community members to weekly drop in/volunteer times. I will also be available for any questions members of the community have regarding my project.



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