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Ph.D. Simon Fraser, 1983


Email: mdeal@mun.ca
Phone: (709) 864-8864
Office: QC 2010
Personal Website: https://builder.ucs.mun.ca/temp/mdeal/

Research Interests

Ethnoarchaeology, paleoethnobotany, ceramics, historical archaeology, industrial and aviation archaeology, Eastern Canada, Mesoamerica.


Dr. Deal has had a diverse career in archaeology, which has taken him to Mexico, Guatemala, Cyprus, and multiple locations within Canada. His work is based on a continued interest in ceramic ethnoarchaeology, paleoethnobotany and, more recently, Canadian industrial and aviation heritage.

As a Ph.D. student, Dr. Deal wrote a dissertation on modern Maya pottery making based on ethnoarchaeological research carried out among the Tzeltal Maya, in the highlands of Mexico. This type of work continued in Cyprus, in 1993, where he produced ethnographic footage on modern Cypriot pottery making and researched the use of ethnographic data to explain past human behavior.

Dr. Deal has also been involved in Canadian archaeology ever since he was still in graduate school, when he took part in work at the historical fur trading forts from Fort St. John and the Rocky Mountain House, and the Quatna and Namu precontact sites, in British Columbia. While working as a contract archaeologist out of Fredericton, New Brunswick, he conducted work in the Chiputneticook-St. Croix drainage system and started collecting pottery samples for residue analysis, which provided valuable information on precontact pottery use.

Teaching began in 1985, with a stint at St. Mary's University, in Halifax, which led to the initiation of paleoethnobotanical research in Nova Scotia. This work resulted in the creation of a comparative modern seed collection of over 500 species, which is currently in use in the Paleoethnobotanical Laboratory, at Memorial University. Paleoethnobotanical research has since then been expanded to include a variety of sites throughout Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

As a Memorial University professor and researcher, Dr. Deal has been focusing on the pre- and postcontact history of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Several of his initiatives have developed into long-term projects, which continue to see involvement from his graduate students.

The Minas Basin Archaeological Project (commenced in 1988), sponsored by the Nova Scotia Museum, aims to reconstruct prehistoric patterns of land use and resource exploitation in the Minas Basin. This project applies a diverse methodology, including ceramic analysis, paleoethnobotanical investigations and thermoluminescence dating, and the cataloging of local museum and private collections. Investigations have been undertaken at the Davidson's Cove, Clam Cove, St. Croix, Castle Frederick and Boswell sites. After 1990, research and excavation have focused on the St. Croix site, in Hants County, a large village site that originally extended for more than half of a kilometer along the St. Croix river. This site was recently revisited by Cameron Milner for his MA thesis research.

An offshoot of the Minas Basin project began in 2004 in Scots Bay, Kings County, Nova Scotia with the involvement of the local community. Building on the notion of industrial heritage, this historical archaeology project aims to identify and investigate sites connected to the 19th century local milling and shipbuilding traditions. In 2013, Adrian Morrison completed his thesis on the excavation of a local saw mill.

Current research interests in Nova Scotia are focused on the Boswell site, a precontact, deeply stratified site along the Annapolis River. This work has begun in 2011 with the involvement of the Nova Scotia Museum and the Mi'kmaq Rights Initiative.

Since 2005, Dr. Deal has been pursuing a new interest in the history of aviation in Newfoundland. He has been collaborating with the Newfoundland and Labrador provincial government to develop policies that protect World War II aviation resources, including airfields, facilities and crash sites. Surveys and excavations have been undertaken with current doctoral candidate Lisa Daly. This work is ongoing.

Student supervision
Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Hartery, Latonia (2012-2013). A Microscopic Approach to Prehistoric Plant Use.

Ph.D. Dissertations

Campbell, John Andrew (in progress). Research topic: Wabanaki and European cultural interactions during the Protohistoric period (1500-1630).
Tapper, Bryn (in progress). Research topic: Rock art landscapes of the Canadian Maritimes. (Co-supervised with Dr. Oscar Moro Abadia).
Morrison, Adrian (in progress). Research topic: Merchants, Migrants, and Military Men: An Archaeology of Life in Early Eighteenth-Century Canso, Nova Scotia. (Co-supervised with Dr. Barry Gaulton).
Daly, Lisa (2015). Aviation archaeology of World War II Gander: An examination of military and civilian life at the Newfoundland airport.
MacLeod-Leslie, Heather A. (2012). SANKOFA / Return and Get It: An Archaeological Exploration of Black Loyalist Identity and Culture in Nova Scotia. (Co-supervised with Dr. Peter Pope).

M.A. Theses

Lewis-Sing, Emma (in progress). Research topic: tbd (co-supervised with Dr. Barry Gaulton)
Johnson-Henke, Anita
(in progress). Intertidal Zone Archaeology at the Beaches (DeAk-1) Site. (Co-supervised with Dr. Trevor Bell, Department of Geography, MUN).
Campbell, John Andrew (2017). Mu Awsami Keji'kewe'k Mi'kma'ki: New Perspectives on the Transitional Archaic Period in Southwestern Nova Scotia.
Morrison, Adrian (2014). From Workplace to Home Space: Archaeology at the James M. Rogers Sawmill, Scots Bay, Nova Scotia (BhDc-16).
Milner, Cameron (2014). Site Structure and Integrity at St. Croix: Functional Variability across Space and Time.
Pike, Kelly-Anne (2014). Bearing Identity: A Biocultural Analysis of Human Remains from Old Mission Point, New Brunswick. (Co-supervised with Dr. Vaughan Grimes).
Jalbert, Catherine (2011). A Lesson in Stone: Examining Patterns of Lithic Resource Use and Craft-learning in the Minas Basin of Nova Scotia.
Staplefeldt, Kora (2010). A Form and Function Study of Precontact Pottery from Atlantic Canada.
Pentz, Benjamin C. (2008). A River Runs Through It: An Archaeological Survey of the Upper Mersey River and Allains River in Southwest Nova Scotia.
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Lewis, Roger (2006). Pre-Contact Fish Weirs: A Case Study from Southwestern Nova Scotia.
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Rutherford, Douglas E. (1989). The Archaic/Ceramic Period Transition in New Brunswick and Maine: An Analysis of Stemmed Biface Morphology.

B.A. Honours Essays

McKee, Erin M. (2015). A Paleoenvironmental and Paleogeographic Reconstruction of the Terminal Archaic – Woodland Boswell Site, Kingston, Nova Scotia. Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Acadia University. (Co-supervised with Dr. Ian Spooner, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Acadia University).
Kane, Dominique (2012). The Defensive Infrastructure of St. John's Harbour, 1939-1945: An Archaeological Perspective.
Loder, Candace (2010). A Paleoethnobotanical Analysis of Sediments from Three Woodland Period Shell Midden Sites in Port Joli, Nova Scotia.
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Pottle, David (1999). Tools of the Trade: A Comparative Analysis of Prehistoric Soapstone Quarrying and Vessel Manufacturing Technology in North America.
O'Driscoll, Cynthia (1998). A Provenance Study of Soapstone Artifacts from Cape Ray, Newfoundland.
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Crowe, Susan (1986). An Analysis of Ceramic Assemblages from Disturbed Urban Contexts: The Central Trust Example. (Department of Anthropology, Saint Mary's University, Halifax).

Sample Publications
Industrial and Aviation Archaeology

Deal, M., 2013. Aviation Archaeology in Newfoundland and Labrador. Canadian Aviation Historical Society Journal 51(2):54-63.

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Ceramic Ethnoarchaeology

Deal, M., 2011. Microtradition and Agency in Domestic Pottery Production: An Ethnoarchaeological Perspective. In Archaeological Ceramics: A View of Current Research, edited by S. Scarcella, pp. 147-159. BAR International Series 2193, Archaeopress, London.

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Archaeological Theory and Method

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Precontact Archaeology of the Northeast

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