Shannon Lewis-Simpson


Assistant Professor - Canadian Forces College/Dallaire Centre of Excellence for Peace and Security
Adjunct Professor - Memorial University
Editor - North Atlantic Archaeology


PhD University of York, 2006
MA  University of York, 2001
BA (Hons) Memorial University, 1998


Email:  smlewis[at]; shannon.lewis-simpson2[at]
Twitter: @slewisimpson

Research Interests

Premodern North Atlantic; human security; Viking-Age archaeology; experiential learning; community engagement, intersectionalities in early medieval north; reception; cultural property protection; Old Norse texts. 

Current student supervision
PhD Dissertations
  • Petty, Ian (Interdisciplinary; in progress). The Historic Logging Industry in Newfoundland: 1880-1950 (co-supervised with Sean Cadigan and Carissa Brown).
  • Lacy, Robyn (Archaeology; in progress). Sic Finis: 17th-century Burial Places and Spaces in northeast North America and Newfoundland (co-supervised with Barry Gaulton).
Masters Theses
  • Arlon, Frida (Humanities; in progress). Wanderlust: Viking Utopias (research tutor)
  • Simms, Elsa (History; in progress). Byzantine and Islamic Artefacts in Scandinavian Burial Contexts (co-supervised with Marica Cassis).

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