Graduate Student Speakers Series 16/10/2015

Oct 9th, 2015

Dept of Archaeology

Poster for Graduate Student Speaker Series: Simon Newcombe
Graduate Student Speakers Series 16/10/2015

On Friday, October 16th from 3:15-4pm in QC-2013, Simon Newcombe will discuss "Where Seagulls Dare: An Examination of an Officer's(?) Barracks on Bois Island."

This project will seek to answer a number of questions pertaining to the occupation of Bois Island, Newfoundland (CgAf-01). Working within the theoretical framework of household archaeology, artifacts and contemporary documentation associated with the officers’ barracks will be examined to provide insight into the daily life of individuals stationed on the island in the mid-18th century. The result will be compared with other contemporary military sites to determine how representative the military life on Bois Island is of the period and location. In this presentation I discuss the results of the survey work and analysis performed to date. Over the course of two days the features present on the island were mapped in using a transit to better associate them with the historic maps and assess the fortification’s level of preservation. As well, analysis has been progressing on the artifact assemblage recovered during the 1975 excavations. The ceramic and pipe assemblage will be the focal point of this presentation.